Arrogance, Thy Name is Robert Morey

Our post earlier today about the turmoil at Irvine's Faith Community Church has already sparked discussion on its friend's blog (more below) and a comment from the church's leader, Robert Morey. And it's not just any comment--it's one so pompous and hilarious it deserved its own post. Here it is:

We who actually attend Faith Community Church don’t see any schism or confusion in the church. We are happy and joyful serving the Lord. Our attendance is great and things are moving forward with great joy. To see this is true, just visit some Sunday service (10:30AM at 17601 Fitch, Irvine). Just for accuracy sake, please note that was not set up by or run by the church. I visit it from time to time when I have the time. But it is not my blog. There are three new books that reveal a new phenomenon is taking place today in the church world. 1. Clergy Killers: Guidance for Pastors and Congregations Under Attack by G. Lloyd Rediger 2. Character Assassins: Dealing with Ecclesiastical Tyrants and Terrorists by Peter Hammond and Brian 3. The Wounded Minister: Healing from and Preventing Personal Attacks by Guy Greenfield

These books document that today when someone leaves a church, they do not go out and make a new life for themselves and get involved in positive works of charity. Instead, they dedicate all their time, money, and energy to destroy the church and pastor they left. They hang around the church and use the internet to slander the church, send out malicious emails and blogs that contain unsupported accusations. They harass the people who attend the church with personal attacks and foul language. They forget there is freedom of religion in this country and people can attend or not attend whatever they want to attend. The above authors counsel churches under attack by such terrorists not to react to these childish tirades and temper tantrums. Instead, we should remain positive and go on doing works of charity -while ignoring the terrorists. These poor mentally unbalanced people, whose only meaning in life to tear down other people, will eventually burn themselves out with all their hatred and bitterness. We at Faith community Church do not hate them or anyone else. We pray for them that they will grow out of their negativity and finds positive outlets for their energy.

My thoughts--few of them nice--after the jump.

Wow, Morey. Calling your critics "terrorists" and "mentally unbalanced." Even the pedophile apologists over at the Diocese of Orange don't use such terms to deride naysayers. Thank God you didn't name names, otherwise you'd have a slander suit against you quick. Also, I don't see anyone calling for FCC to get shut down, so to talk about freedom of religion is as red a herring as one can get.

And point of reference about I never said it was the blog of FCC. But now that you mention it...when Morey states that the blog "was not set up by or run by the church. I visit it from time to time when I have the time. But it is not my blog," he's only half-right and otherwise lying. isn't the official blog of FCC, but it is the blog of Faith Defenders, Morey's longtime organization. And Morey isn't any mere visitor to the blog, as he claims above: he's listed as a contributor, and this page states that features "Dr. Morey and others writ[ing] articles in defense of the faith." On the blog, Morey's picture lords above everyone else's--either is Morey's blog, or it's a third-rate personality cult built around Morey and his Texas chili recipe.

By the way, Bob: still advocate bombing Mecca?


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