Arrested Development Fans Can Rejoice "I Just Blue Myself" at Santa Ana Art Gallery Exhibit

You know it takes mucho to tickle us cynical bastards at the Weekly, but we see late May as Christmas with the Netflix release of new Arrested Development episodes.

See, to us, Arrested Development is far realer than any "the real Orange County" reality show, except for the ones about our former neighbors in jail. So you can magine our delight in learning "I Just Blue Myself" is opening in Santa Ana.

"I just blue myself" is what David Cross' Tobias Funke character said after he sprayed himself with more blue paint than he needed to fit in as a Blue Man group player. It's also the title of an art show at Great Over Good studio, 211 E. Columbine St., Ste. G, Santa Ana, opening at 6 p.m. Saturday, May 25, the evening before those new Arrested Development episodes will be available.

That is, the shows will conceivably be available, as Cross just told IFC he fears the worst: "I'm curious ... I'm not sure the grid will go down on that day, but the next day, it's going to be like, 'Gotta watch another, gotta watch another, gotta watch another' as people binge on it. We will probably lose $62 billion in man hours and production, whatever the GNP is for the day, or whatever it costs us to be in Iraq and Afghanistan for a couple of hours."

No such toll should accompany the Santa Ana exhibit showcasing the works from a variety of artists, "all displaying themes that celebrate the cult classic," according to organizers, who reveal that's not all as Justin Grant Wade is scheduled to be there! Who is Justin Grant Wade? Well here's a hint: His appearance is sponsored by the Save Steve Holt Campaign ( or

Yup, Wade is the actor who played Steve Holt (known for saying "Steve Holt!"), and Wade's pumped like a school jock/theater geek to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

Your $10 ticket ($15 at the door, Buster) also gets you live music, access to an Arrested Development-styled photo booth area, and appropriate refreshments (like frozen bananas).

Speaking of Buster, do you suppose he'll show up in a Tijuana gallery, thinking he's in Santa Ana? Ah, well, for more details call Naadine Koi at 703.508.1073, email

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