Barbarian Tax Man
Barbarian Tax Man

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Indian Tribe Tax Idea Slapped Down

"We find all of the state's arguments unpersuasive."

--From the Ninth Circuit's ruling this week that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's made strong-arm efforts to force the Rincon San Luiseno Band of Mission Indians to accept an illegal tax on tribal gambling operations. Schwarzenegger had proposed a contract that would grant the tribe a $2 million annual revenue boost while allowing his government to confiscate $38 million more annually in a new tax from them. The tribe sued, won in U.S. District Court and has now defeated Schwarzenegger's appeal.

This was Schwarzenegger's fake anti-tax stance in 2003 when he wanted to win the governor's office: "From the time [citizen's] get up in the morning and flush the toilet, they're taxed. When they go get a coffee, they're taxed. When they get in their car, they're taxed. When they go to the gas station, they're taxed. When they go to lunch, they're taxed. This goes on all day long. Tax. Tax. Tax. Tax. Tax."

But it's okay to add new taxes for when they go to gamble?

Here's the good news for Californians: Schwarzenegger's deceitful, inept rule ends in 256 days.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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