No quarter for Arizona
No quarter for Arizona

Arizona Boycott Won't Affect VVM. Because We're Special

Arizona has gone all apeshit crazy for documentation to prove an immigrant's legal status, and San Francisco is laying down the law with SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera calling for a total boycott of the state. You hear that, Arizona? You're on San Fran's shit list until you stop being such a bully. But what does that mean for a super-cool paper (ours) whose parent company is based in Arizona?

As fun as it is to draw silly mustaches all over the face of an entire state, the proposed boycott could present a problem. Village Voice Media is in the copper state (a lighter copper tone, I'm sure). Does this mean Herrera will put the San Francisco Weekly on his shit list too? And what if your friends in OC need to give the big cheese a ring?

According to the SF Weekly, the lines will remain free and clear:

"The City Attorney spokesman [Matt Dorsey] said he'd keep dialing our digits:  'I don't treat anyone differently depending on where their parent company may be based.'"

The law signed on Monday by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer requires cops to ask for proof of a person's legal right to be on U.S. soil, should that cop scrounge up some "reasonable suspicion" (read: being brown) that the person is illegal.

But don't you worry, says lawmakers, it won't lead to racial profiling. Because the police are going to get special training. It will be training. That is special.

"Of course it's going to lead to racial profiling, idiot," says Esquire's Mark Warren. "That's the whole point! They're not going to be stopping Swiss milkmaids to check if they overstayed their visas."


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