Brownie and Levada already know how to sport the cassock...
Brownie and Levada already know how to sport the cassock...

Are Tod Brown and William Levada Besties?

One lesson I've learned in years of covering the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal is that the more ludicrous the rumor or scenario, the more likely it's true. Bishops moving pedophile priests around to evade the law? True! Priests taking photos while his pals double-penetrate a kid? That's right! Otherwise-good Catholic blind to the terror their beloved pastors inflict on the innocent? Matt Cunningham, that's John Urell!

So when a commentator claimed over the weekend that Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown and Cardinal William Levada--the Vatican's current master pedo-apologist and a local boy done evil--vacation together, not only am I inclined to believe it, it makes sense given how close the two pendejos are.

The relationship between Brown and Levada goes back decades, back to the days they were classmates at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo. A 2005 profile by John Allen, Jr. (the most respected American reporter on the Catholic Church) for the

National Catholic Reporter

revealed, "Sources near


say he's remained close to his former classmates, and that it's a rare decision in San Francisco [where Levada was archbishop] that hasn't been talked out first with [his classmates that became bishops]." Levada also consecrated Brown when the latter became a bishop for the first time, in Boise.

And it was Brown who invited Levada to Orange County in 2007, for a ceremony in Mission San Juan Capistrano. Brownie tried so hard to please his superior that Indian remains were disturbed. Heckuva job, Brownie!


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