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    Gay Marriage Rally in Front of OC Church Has a Twist This Time

    Well, as it turns out, the March 5 rally at Church of the Foothills in Santa Ana is church-sanctioned, as opposed to those outside Warren's Saddleback Church and elsewhere these past couple months that disrupted entry to Sunday services. "In the m...

    @ Navel Gazing by Matt Coker on February 10, 2009 @ 11:37 am
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    Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine Foreclosures Are Up and Mortgage Delinquencies Are WAY Up

    number of outstanding foreclosures in the three-city area for December '08 at 5,991, relies on the actual number of active mortgage loans rather than the total number of households in a given area to come up with its data, which it contends provides ...

    @ Navel Gazing by Matt Coker on February 10, 2009 @ 11:09 am
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    Barbara Coe to Oregon: "Burn, Baby, Burn"

    It's easy to dismiss California Coalition for Immigration Reform president Barbara Coe as an anachronism, as a relic from the days when Mexicans and whites didn't go to school together and lippy minorities got lynched. But maybe there's something to ...

    @ Navel Gazing by Gustavo Arellano on February 10, 2009 @ 10:51 am
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    Dana Rohrabacher Praised for Saying the Sky is Falling

    What the Star Surfin' Congressman did specifically was introduce House Resolution 4917, the "Near Earth Object (NEO) Preparedness Act," which, if passed, would establish an Office of Potentially Hazardous Near-Earth Object Preparedness. "As Congre...

    @ Navel Gazing by Matt Coker on February 10, 2009 @ 10:23 am
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    To Do Tonight - 2/10

    Alive Theater's Cherry Poppin' Play Festival, 7 p.m. Scenes from six original plays for three hours of fun. Open, 2226 E. Fourth St., Long Beach, CA; 562-499-OPEN Open Mic hosted by The Good Times Band, 8 p.m. Sounds like it's g...

    @ Navel Gazing by Amanda Parsons on February 10, 2009 @ 9:00 am
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    Letters From OC Weekly Readers

    'You Guys Should Change Your Name to Corporate Tool Weekly' DEATHLIST.ORG Craigslist doesn't kill people. People kill people [Spencer Kornhaber's "'But for Craigslist, Donna Might Be Alive Today,'" May 8]. Why not sue the killer's parents and forme...

    by STAFF on May 14, 2009
  • La Habra Octomom Nadya Suleman Is Ready to Rocto Your World


    La Habra Octomom Nadya Suleman Is Ready to Rocto Your World

    With her new reality TV network, Nadya Suleman is ready to Rocto Your World Just when you thought La Habra's own Nadya "Octomom" Suleman was out of the news for good . . . On May 4, Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred filed suit against Suleman, al...

    by STAFF on May 14, 2009
  • [Moxley Confidential] Rackauckas Doesn't Blink


    [Moxley Confidential] Rackauckas Doesn't Blink

    Rackauckas Doesn't Blink Under pressure from Sheriff Hutchens and the deputies' union, the DA stands by his men and women who accused deputies of lying on the stand The May 12 event at the district attorney's office may have looked like a press con...

    by R. Scott Moxley on May 14, 2009
  • [Hey, You!] Don't Drinko and Drivo


    [Hey, You!] Don't Drinko and Drivo

    Don't Drinko and Drivo Look, cabrn: I'm all viva la raza and shit. But you're a disgrace to all fat Mexican men. First off, don't drink and drive. If you do, don't drive during the day. If you do, don't crash into a car. If you do, don't hit-and-r...

    by ANONYMOUS on May 14, 2009
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    [Ask a Mexican!] Missing Michoacan

    Dear Mexican: My wife is from Michoacn state. We've bought a home in the small town of her birth. I love everything about the quiet little place. Even her mother is kind to me, as if I were her son. The food is incredibly good. The puerco is killed...

    by Gustavo Arellano on May 14, 2009
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    This Week in the OC Weekly

    And R. Scott Moxley takes a look at Dr. George Kooshian's guilty plea for charging big bucks for bogus injections in "Moxley Confidential." Plus... The Weekly's standing columns, Ask a Mexican!, Hey, You! and Savage Love. Restauran...

    @ Navel Gazing by Amanda Parsons on February 9, 2009 @ 3:54 pm
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    Jury in Civil Case Finds For DA Rackauckas

    We're a decade away from those days, and no one is happier than Rackauckas, who hopes that a two-minute hearing in the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse just before lunch today finally closes that ugly chapter. A jury of six men and two women decide...

    @ Navel Gazing by R. Scott Moxley on February 9, 2009 @ 2:47 pm
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    The Devolution of a Mater Dei Apologist

    Two weeks ago, I wrote a post urging Servite High students to drop the racist chants during boys' basketball games against the Monarchs and ridicule their eternal rival's numerous teen-rapist cover-ups. Manning quickly accused the Weekly of being ant...

    @ Navel Gazing by Gustavo Arellano on February 9, 2009 @ 1:15 pm
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    Random Chapman University Reference of the Weekend

    Time: 2:05 a.m. Location: Cartoon Network Program: Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job Segment: Tairy Greene's Acting Seminar for Children: Lesson 18 -- Working Without Limitations** Setup: After working with a heavy-set boy confined to a whee...

    @ Navel Gazing by Matt Coker on February 9, 2009 @ 11:55 am
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    Surf City Obama Monkey Girl Speaks!

    It's rare that we ever get a response from the offending party in our Hey, You! column, and even rarer to get a retort from the writer to said response. Yet that's what has seemed to happen with the Hey, You! of a couple of weeks ago, in which someon...

    @ Navel Gazing by Gustavo Arellano on February 9, 2009 @ 10:06 am
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    To Do Tonight - 2/9

    Free Moral Agents, 9 p.m. Assembled by Mars Volta keyboardist Ikey Owens, this Long Beach clan has made quite a name for themselves all over Southern California and beyond, so you can bet they won't have any trouble drawing a massive head-count. Get ...

    @ Navel Gazing by Amanda Parsons on February 9, 2009 @ 9:21 am
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    They're Not Doing the Wave in One Arizona Household

    Street Surfing and the school district filed papers last week seeking a jury trial. The youth, who was in the seventh grade at the time of the incident, suffered "permanent physical and emotional disabilities, disfigurement, humiliation and impairm...

    @ Navel Gazing by Matt Coker on February 6, 2009 @ 3:07 pm
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    Newport Beach Financial Whiz Warns of 'Mini Depression' Unless Trillions Spent

    A Newport Beach executive has got President Obama's back, saying the U.S. may slump into a "mini depression" unless policy makers spend trillions of dollars to spur growth. "This economy needs support from the government, a check from the g...

    @ Navel Gazing by Matt Coker on February 6, 2009 @ 2:30 pm
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    Rain, Sage, Chants, Prayers, Apologies All Wrapped Up in a Rainbow

    That would not be the day's last miracle. The mission's clerical leader, Father Art Holquin, delivered his "strongest apology" to date for the desecration of sacred Native American burial grounds at the historical landmark two years ago. That's not w...

    @ Navel Gazing by Matt Coker on February 6, 2009 @ 12:59 pm
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    Even Chapman U Feeling the Publishing Blues?

    I have no love lost for Chapman University, the private school from which I graduated in 2001 but for which I have no respect since President Jim Doti doesn't give a shit about letting a free press do its job. But their head PR person, Mary...

    @ Navel Gazing by Gustavo Arellano on February 6, 2009 @ 10:42 am
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