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    OC's Sexiest People

    Rueben Martinez We dig Rueben because he's one of the county's best movers and shakers. And by mover and shaker, we're not referring to the fact that he founded and runs one of the best bookstores in Southern California-Martinez Books and Art in S...

    on February 18, 1999
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    Play Harder

    For one bright, blue, shining moment in 1998, Viagra united us in a way Mark McGwire only thought he could. Pumped up on the drug's sales, Viagra's manufacturer, Pfizer, slipped past Merck & Co. on some stock traders' lists to become the No. 1 pharm...

    by TODD MATHEWS on February 18, 1999
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    Love and Romance in the Eighth Grade

    I kissed my mom each morning as she left for work. When she closed the door, I'd move to the big window on the east side of our house and watch her Volkswagen sputter down Adwen Street, sound and motion suspended in front of the Shepherds' house as ...

    by Steve Lowery on February 18, 1999
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    Blown Coverage - How to keep ignoring the bankruptcy fallout

    In 1993, John Moorlach learned three important things about Orange County reporters: they're often lazy, almost invariably frightened of numbers, and usually reluctant to question a public agency or official unless someone else does so first. While ...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on February 18, 1999
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    Learning Swerve - LAUSD scandal spreads south

    In 1993, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced plans to build a new high school on a hillside just north of downtown. Five years later, the project, which became known as the Belmont Learning Complex, is only half-complete. Already more ...

    by Nick Schou on February 18, 1999
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    Shock Therapy - OC Scientologists denounce psychology with a little mind control of their own

    The members of the Tustin-based Orange County chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) might say that OC schools are going to hell in a handbasket-if they believed in hell. CCHR is an anti-psychology operative of the Church of Scien...

    by TIM MELTREGER on February 18, 1999
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    Ask Dr. Physiks

    Dear Dr. Physiks: While reading James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, I came across a Jesuit's description of hell. Which made me wonder: Does hell give off heat or absorb heat? -Roger Mallinson, San ClementeMost people would cite...

    on February 18, 1999
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    Here Come the New Barbarians! - Officials celebrate 'youth-crime epidemic'

    The media, academia and law enforcement teamed up at a forum sponsored by the Times Orange County and UC Irvine on Feb. 4 to dispense the official line on crime. It's a propaganda strategy that mangles reality but remains immensely profitable for th...

    by MIKE MALES on February 18, 1999
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    Contact us via voice mail at (714) 825-8432, or by e-mail: letters@ocweekly.com. Or write to Letters to the Editor, OC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Or fax: (714) 708-8410. Letters may be edited for clarity and length. All correspond...

    on February 11, 1999
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    Rich People Are Bad - But Ultrathin are phat

    We've got questions: If the powers that be want to use sports and dancing girls to placate the ravening masses, how did they let two teams that bad get to the lamest Super Bowl ever? We're all for bread and circuses, but can't they at least be good ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on February 11, 1999
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    Non-Windows Users of the World, Unite! - Microsoft Windows Refund Day is just around the corner

    July 4, 1776. July 14, 1789. Nov. 6, 1917. And now, Feb. 15, 1999?Some revolutions begin quietly-think one woman on a bus. Others begin with hundreds of Frenchmen storming the Bastille. And some begin with one Australian trying to get a refund from ...

    by WYN HILTY on February 11, 1999
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    Mythic Propaganda - El Toro Watch No. 92

    In the hall of mirrors that houses the county's El Toro International Airport planning office, the words "myth" and "fact" are often used interchangeably. How often do county planners insist El Toro will be "quiet" and "safe," even as evidence mount...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on February 11, 1999
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    And Out the Door You Went

    The Buena Park City Council on Jan. 26 approved on first reading an ordinance that would require landlords to evict tenants arrested for narcotics and gang-related offenses. You read that right: arrested, not convicted. The matter is scheduled to co...

    by Matt Coker on February 11, 1999
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    Way Far Right - Likely new chairman promises to make state GOP the Party of God

    In a move sure to frustrate moderate conservatives, offend independent voters and delight Democrats, California Republicans will likely select a social extremist in the mold of former Congressman Bob Dornan to lead the party into the critical 2000 e...

    by R. Scott Moxley on February 11, 1999
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    Those Picket Signs? - At UCI, they're likely to return

    The 45-day cooling-off period during which graduate-student employees set aside their December strike against the University of California system has expired with no movement from UC administrators in sight. State Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigo...

    by DAVID BACON on February 11, 1999
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    Criminal Prosecution - Body count grows in war on medical marijuana

    Like the enigmatic psycho killer in the penultimate act of a hackneyed horror flick-the maniac who mysteriously returns to life as soon as the hero turns his back-Orange County's war on medical marijuana just won't die. It dispatched its latest vict...

    by Nick Schou on February 11, 1999
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    Star Wars, the Sequel - OC firm still chasing Reagan's (costly) dream

    On March 23, 1983, before a packed joint session of Congress, then-President Ronald Reagan announced plans for a corporate-welfare program of galactic proportions. Reagan proposed deploying a constellation of sensors, satellites, computers, lasers a...

    by TODD MATHEWS on February 11, 1999
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    Weak Imitation - Times reporter misreads one story, makes up another

    Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the OC Weekly owes a great big wet one to big-time reporter Jean O. Pasco of the big-time Los Angeles Times. Pasco's Jan. 22 front page story titled "Anti-Airport Initiative Comes to Crashing Halt" ...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on February 4, 1999
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    A New Breed of E-Horror - Who's behind the Net Profit e-mails?

    On Jan. 12, Bil Corry thought he saw a cloud of doom hovering over his computer. Two of the biggest problems cluttering up Internet users' mailboxes are chain letters and spam. Chain letters are e-mail messages with an indefinite shelf life; often h...

    by WYN HILTY on February 4, 1999
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    Hating Everyone - That means you!

    I never believe Saturday Night Live's Jay Mohr as the bad guy in movies like Suicide Kings and the odious Jerry Maguire: he's too dorky to be evil, and his face is too soft and fetus-like. I believe him in sweet romantic comedies like Picture Perfec...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on February 4, 1999
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