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    Ted Moreno, Rude? Guilty! - And ditto for that guy at the sandpiper

    Photo by Jack GouldIt wasn't like there were no straight men at the 15th-annual--and final--Big Splash party to benefit the AIDS Services Foundation Saturday night. There were two. And they were breathtaking. And they were holding the hands of two b...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on September 21, 2000
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    Cox Tales - GOP congressman still has boosters at the Reg

    In 1993, Newport Beach Congressman Christopher Cox stood before the national media, flashed his trademark toothy smile, and guaranteed that President Bill Clinton's policies would spark a cataclysmic depression. "It is the Dr. [Jack] Kevorkian plan ...

    by R. Scott Moxley on September 21, 2000
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    Ketchup Time

    Illustration by Bob AulWell, hepcats and kittens, so much has happened since we were last together that we scarcely know where to begin. When in doubt, Clockwork always checks our Dick--Dick Nixon. The Arrogance of Power by Anthony Summers--a new Ni...

    by Matt Coker on September 21, 2000
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    Ass-Whuppin Time in Laguna

    Illustration by Bob Aul Send anonymous thanks, confessions or accusations--changing or deleting the names of the guilty and innocent--to "Hey, You!" c/oOC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627-0247, or e-mail us at letters@ocweekly.com. Abo...

    by ANONYMOUS on September 21, 2000
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    Shoot! - This weeks featured NFL game: Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders

    Denver update: Recent evidence suggests that native Coloradans (circa A.D. 1150) were cannibals, a shocking revelation given the loving ways of the state's present residents. After all, Colorado is the state that offered comfort after the Columbine ...

    by Steve Lowery on September 21, 2000
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    Contact us via phone (714-825-8432), e-mail (letters@ocweekly.com), regular mail (Letters to the Editor, OC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627) or fax (714-708-8410). Letters will be edited for clarity and length. All correspondence must i...

    on September 21, 2000
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    Gettin Shig-ee With It - Shigetoshi Hasegawa pursues baseball, golf balls and the American dream

    Shigetoshi Hasegawa was sitting literally on a bed of roses. Two years after leaving Japan for Newport Beach, changing his uniform from the Orix Blue Wave to the Anaheim Angels, and realizing his dream of playing major-league baseball for a living a...

    by DAVE WIELENGA on September 21, 2000
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    Fisting, but not Fistfights - Its just another Orange Unified School District meeting

    Photo by Daniel C. TsangThe paranoid specter of gay teens instructing fellow students in sex acts failed to derail a proposed out-of-court settlement between the embattled Orange Unified School District board of trustees and the organizers of a high...

    by DANIEL C. TSANG on September 21, 2000
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    Cleaning House - Justice for Janitors close to victory

    Photo by Jack GouldIt's nearly 4 p.m.--just an hour from quitting time for most 9-to-5-ers. But in a densely populated barrio near downtown Santa Ana, Salome Torres is still at home, recuperating from the night before. Salome doesn't get much slee...

    by Nick Schou on September 21, 2000
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    Another Dave, Another Scandal - Like Garofalo, Christensen dogged by alleged conflicts

    Photo by David KawashimaIrvine City Councilman and outspoken El Toro International Airport opponent Dave Christensen has a troubling relationship with Dallas-based Trammell Crow, one of the nation's largest developers and property managers. Troublin...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on September 21, 2000
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    We Respond

    >>>VOLUME ONE We cannot publicize Richard Wagner because he inspired Adolf Hitler, who caused that annoying Second World War thing. . . . Why, that's a little trick called irony; look it up, and then you'll realize I wasn't calling myself a guy. N...

    on September 14, 2000
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    A dirty little secret about Will Swaim is that six years ago, he worked, albeit briefly, as a freelance reporter for the Orange County Business Journal. Will was bright, talented and about as good a fit at the Business Journal as, say, I would be at...

    by RICK REIFF on September 14, 2000
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    Photo by Jack GouldI never was much of an OC Weekly reader. As a conservative Republican elected to office, you can hardly blame me. I actually avoided reading the Weekly, just as a June bug avoids a duck pond, a gay trick-or-treater avoids Jerry Fa...

    by CURT PRINGLE on September 14, 2000
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    Fish Heads

    Photo by Mizuho MizumotoFive years of OC Weekly, of truth with a human face. Yes, the Weekly keeps me younger as I get older. Also, life at the beach and the summer dresses . . . none of it hurts. So what does hurt just a little? The beauty of tha...

    by LEE MALLORY on September 14, 2000
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    Dead Letters

    Illustration by Bob AulI guess the one thing that sticks out for me about the paper is what a complete and utter failure the thing has been. Take me, for example. I was hired here three years ago to write a biweekly column, direct the paper's sports...

    by Steve Lowery on September 14, 2000
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    My Lawn

    Courtesy of Dave WielengaA man sipping an icy soft drink interrupted his slow walk through a blazing midsummer afternoon to pause before my front yard and watch me sweat and toil with shovel and hoe. It has been nearly two years since I killed my ...

    by DAVE WIELENGA on September 14, 2000
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    Then & Now! - The Weekly Musical Time Capsule

    Then: Fullerton's Club 369 put on great rock shows. Now: Club 369 is a salseria. Then: The Felt Room was a crappy pool hall off the 22 freeway in Westminster. Now: The Felt Room is a crappy pool hall off the 22 freeway in Westminster and the n...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on September 14, 2000
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    How Times Change

    Five years ago, William Jefferson Clinton was the president of the United States. Five years ago, California's U.S. Senators were Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. Five years ago, Orange County's congressional delegation included Dana Rohrabac...

    on September 14, 2000
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    In the Beginning

    I wish I could say that the idea to create OC Weekly was a brilliant stroke of penetrating thinking sparked by editorial idealism and visionary insight. But here's what really happened. A very, very long time ago, way back in the 1980s, there was ...

    by MICHAEL SIGMAN on September 14, 2000
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    Excerpts: Part 3

    Photo by Myles RobinsonSept. 17, 1999 We spoke through the glass by means of a telephone. I was constrained by his lawyer in terms of what I might ask him, but asking anything seemed for some reason a difficult proposition. How are you doing? Ha...

    on September 14, 2000
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