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    Illustration by Bob AulIt's 8 p.m. I've just gotten ready for work and I'm going to my car--but it's gone. You, whoever you are, took it. Frazzled, I phone the police. At 8:15, the police arrive. By 8:25, the report has been filed. I explain to the ...

    by ANONYMOUS on October 5, 2000
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    The Amazing Disappearing Re-Appearing Narnia

    Photo by Jack Gould>>> So what did happen to the much-hyped, 30,000-capacity Narnia rave, anyway? Billed as a three-day, multi-DJ, multiarea event with such extracurricular activities as fireworks, bungee jumpers, balloon rides, skate demos and graf...

    by Rich Kane on October 5, 2000
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    Hot Teen Action! - So why are you all alone?

    Photo by Jack GouldWhen last I went to the opera, there was an extraordinarily disconcerting moment amid the arias. It happened, as disconcerting moments often do, when Tosca did herself in by throwing herself off a building. The soprano, who was a ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on October 5, 2000
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    Buy Jim's Book - Its about a rich, conservative businessman, and it doesnt suck

    Photo by Davis BarberProbably because most of what I own was bought used or at a drastic discount, I tend to think that products haven't truly filtered into our society until they turn up in a swap-meet heap or on a remainder table. So I can barel...

    by JIM WASHBURN on October 5, 2000
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    Filtering Flip-Flop? - County librarian now touts CyberPatrol

    Photo by Daniel C. TsangTwo years after standing firm against attempts to censor Internet content in the county's public libraries, county librarian John Adams stood up at a press briefing at El Toro Library in Lake Forest essentially to announce th...

    by DANIEL C. TSANG on October 5, 2000
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    Lesson no. 1: Keep Your Mouth Shut - Everything we needed to know about life we learned at University High

    Photo by Fred VerhoevenNine months after we started an underground paper at University High School in Irvine, we're in the principal's office facing expulsion. I guess it was inevitable--isn't this the way it always ends up on the WB? This isn't o...

    by AARON EZROJ on October 5, 2000
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    Super Dave Christensen - Racing councilman hits the special-interest wall

    Photo by David KawashimaThe April 17, 1999, race at the Cajon Speedway just outside San Diego started out great for the driver of car No. 29--until the throttle stuck open during a straightaway run. At roughly 90 mph and in front of thousands of rac...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on October 5, 2000
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    Honk if You Hate HMOS! - One-woman protest against PacifiCare becomes curbside crusade

    Photo by Patricia IsheiwatPacifiCare can ignore Laura Roberts. Police can lock her up for protesting outside the HMO's Santa Ana offices. And judges can order her to stay 100 yards away from those offices. But one thing the powers that be can't stop...

    by Matt Coker on October 5, 2000
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    Contact us via phone (714-825-8432), e-mail (letters@ocweekly.com), regular mail (Letters to the Editor, OC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627) or fax (714-708-8410). Letters will be edited for clarity and length. All correspondence must i...

    on October 5, 2000
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    Rooting Responsibly ...What?!

    This week's featured NFL game: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville update: It says here on Britannica.com that Jacksonville has about 700,000 people, which seems like a lot of people to be jammed into one P.O. box. Jacksonvill...

    by Steve Lowery on September 28, 2000
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    Tommy Rock, singer/songwriter, guitarist of Rockstar Barbeque - What the hell are you listening to?

    Photo by Jeanne RiceThe Pixies, Come On Pilgrim. "I've always been a fan of the 4AD label, but the Pixies more than any other group have had a profound influence on me. The album Come On Pilgrim spun my head around. When it came out, I thought to my...

    on September 28, 2000
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    Oregon Bound

    OREGON BOUND Robert Deeble, Secret Hate and the Reventlos are the few local acts who have made the cut and are either in-or currently on their way to-Portland, Oregon, for this week's annual North by Northwest Music & Media conference (NXNW). Compar...

    by Rich Kane on September 28, 2000
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    Elvin Estela-a.k.a. Nobody-may be one of the only DJ/producers in the world who can capture the soul of head music (think Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain") and make it fresh. On Soulmates, he pulls this off by scraping away the fuzzy detritus of these tr...

    by ANDREW ASCH on September 28, 2000
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    A Citizen's Cane

    Illustration by Bob AulI just got back from a screening of Almost Famous, but instead of tripping wistfully down memory lane after a cool flick, I got to painfully trip back to my handicapped parking space because of you. You stole my cane, you scum...

    by ANONYMOUS on September 28, 2000
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    Burning Sensation

    Illustration by Bob Aul Fire season is officially here-and Clockwork without a thing to wear! Perhaps you heard the news-oh boy-about a fast-moving brushfire east of San Clemente that on Sept. 11 turned 500 acres of canyon brush extra-crispy before ...

    by Matt Coker on September 28, 2000
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    Crime Dog McGruff, the Early Years

    Sept. 1. A 23-year-old Costa Mesa dog owner discovered his wallet and two cell phones (Two cell phones? Relax, dude!) missing from his 1989 Volvo. With no suspects and only his Labrador/German shepherd mix Rudy on hand, the victim endeavored to snif...

    by KEN WIDMANN on September 28, 2000
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    Laguna Man Makes Cell-Phone Call in Public - Talks loudly about his beach house

    MARK'S RESTAURANT, LAGUNA BEACH-In a thinly veiled public address, Laguna Hills investment banker Joe Beuchler spoke loudly into his cell phone Friday, detailing several of his most expensive possessions, including a beach house. According to onlo...

    by KEN WIDMANN on September 28, 2000
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    A Big Disaster - Irvine high-tech firm snuffs extreme-sports' Bluetorch.com

    Photo by Keith MayOrange County is home to two of the world's richest men-Henry T. Nicholas III and Henry Samueli, founders of the Irvine-based computer network company Broadcom. Outside their low-profile hardware industry, the two corporate executi...

    by Nick Schou on September 28, 2000
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    This Little Website Went to Market - FuckedCompany.com sells out

    Illustration by Bob AulHow would you like to own a site that alternately pisses off companies, frightens investors, and provides hours of cynical amusement? Now's your chance. Web designer Philip Kaplan, founder and maintainer of dot.com dead pool F...

    by WYN HILTY on September 28, 2000
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    Beer! Porn! - The baby-sitter economy

    Photo by Jack GouldLong Beach rock stars are the discriminating mother's baby sitter of choice: just give them some beer and some porn, and they will frolic with your darling child till you or the cows come home, whichever comes first. It's the joyf...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on September 28, 2000
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