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    Duanes Addictions - Skateboarding, punk rock, drugs, tattoos, sobriety

    Talking with Duane Peters is a test of the reflexes. It might even make you moist. You'll be listening to Duane regale you with his many tales of inebriation, stupidity and excess, not wanting to disrupt the neck-vein-popping rhythm of his impossibl...

    by Rich Kane on June 28, 2001
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    Our Minstrel - Kerry Getz ought to be famous, but for now, shes all ours

    The minstrel of Orange County figured she'd be a star by now. "Well, I wouldn't say star," Kerry Getz gently emphasizes. Her face morphs into something like wise amusement, as if she comprehends why everybody else keeps focusing on that word--"sta...

    by DAVE WIELENGA on June 28, 2001
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    How to Build a Band

    TOM DUMONT, NO DOUBT "We grew a huge mailing list and used it to get the word out for every big show we did, which was usually every two or three months. We'd spend hours at Kinko's, making postcards or flyers and then even longer addressing and s...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on June 28, 2001
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    Mickey Mite Club

    Illustration by Bob Aul All eyes are on Disneyland characters--somewhere around their midsections--following shocking news out of Disney World last week. Florida resort workers who climb into the sweat-inducing shells that transform them into Mickey...

    by Matt Coker on June 21, 2001
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    Help Me, Jesus!

    Illustration by Bob AulSend anonymous thanks, confessions or accusations--changing or deleting the names of the guilty and innocent--to "Hey, You!" c/o OC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627-0247, or e-mail us at letters@ocweekly.com. I w...

    by ANONYMOUS on June 21, 2001
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    Last call at the Lava Lounge

    Photo by Jack GouldThere'll be tears in the beers at the Lava Lounge this Saturday night, when the beloved Long Beach rock club hosts its last show ever: a set from the bootylicious 00 Soul. And who's happy about this? Nobody, of course--certainly n...

    on June 21, 2001
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    Bonjour! Cest Me! - I want to be classy!

    Back when I was a slutty, young high school girl, whenever I needed a break from scowling at my fellow students, I would head down to the office of our slim, elegant and stern vice principal for student affairs. "I have an appointment at Planned Par...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on June 21, 2001
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    Two Anal Probes! - Patient: Evolution

    Profile: Stop me if you've heard this one--burnt-out college profs chase otherworldly beings in an action-comedy that is curiously lacking in action and is not the least bit funny. Think Ghostbusters grinding its gears meets Men in Black meets Ghost...

    by Steve Lowery on June 21, 2001
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    Men Are Such Dogs - When will government allow us to witness the executions of bad dogs?

    Photo by Keith May"Convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy J. McVeigh was put to death this morning for the 1995 murder of 168 Americans. The lethal injection was scheduled to be administered at 5 a.m. PDT, but the process was delayed due to transmis...

    by Steve Lowery on June 21, 2001
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    A Silva Foot in His Mouth - Jim Silva, live and unplugged in Newport

    In the May 31 issue of OC Metro, columnist Hugh Hewitt fulfilled that most Republican of traditions: patting a fellow Republican on the back. Hewitt praised Jim Silva using the I-word, saying the county supervisor who represents Huntington Beach and...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on June 21, 2001
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    Something Beige This Way Comes - Rancho Santa Margarita flirts with disaster

    Photo by Jack GouldRANCHO SANTA MARGARITA This 15-year-old community, nestled in the Saddleback Valley and protected from the persistent ocean breeze, always seems a few degrees hotter than the rest of South County. Perhaps it is this persistent hea...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on June 21, 2001
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    Contact us via e-mail (letters@ocweekly. com), regular mail (Letters to the Editor, OC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627) or fax (714-708-8410. Letters will be edited for clarity and length. All correspondence must include your home city ...

    on June 21, 2001
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    That Guy

    Illustration by Bob AulStumbling out the door to check the surf Sunday morning, my mind still a soup of the previous night's festivities--or rather, activities--I spotted a solo tennis shoe on the back wall of someone's surfside adobe. "What the hel...

    by ANONYMOUS on June 14, 2001
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    The Amazing Disappearing Rock Bands

    So what exactly happened to all the rock bands at Beach Fest, the 20th edition of which is slated for this weekend at the Marina Green in Long Beach? The usual mix of local alterna-bands and punk-leaning acts has been mysteriously replaced by an all...

    on June 14, 2001
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    I.P. Freely - The Whizzinator liberates your urine!

    Illustration by Bob AulForget streaming digital-information hookups. Forget streaming video. If you're looking for a wildfire growth technology, look no further than hot, streaming pee. You might think there's quite enough pee in the world, what w...

    by JIM WASHBURN on June 14, 2001
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    More Les for Me! - Dont do the House like you did Lindas Doll Hut

    The e-mail from Evil Bollweevil, Quiksilver's marketing director, inviting us to the Continuum party Friday night at Quiksilver's HQ admonished, "No knuckleheads allowed, please." That, of course, begs the question of whether the self-awareness requ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on June 14, 2001
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    Creole Lady Hearing Aid

    Patient: Moulin Rouge Profile: An eye-shattering, cinematic train wreck of a musical about doomed love that suffers from not being very musical but makes up for it by being both disorienting and predictable. My head hurts. Think Camille meets The ...

    by Steve Lowery on June 14, 2001
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    Thoroughness or Foot-Dragging - DA takes slow road in Garofalo probe

    Photo by Jack GouldWhat were DA investigators looking for during their crack-of-dawn raid on Huntington Beach City Councilman Dave Garofalo's home, office, banks--and business partner Ed Laird? It's been eight weeks since they hauled computers, empt...

    by DAVE WIELENGA on June 14, 2001
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    Super Suckers

    Tired of defending the county's indefensible El Toro International Airport, the Newport Beach-based Airport Working Group has once again spent taxpayer money on a mailer attacking the South County's proposed Great Park Initiative. Featuring a great ...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on June 14, 2001
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    Road Rules - Tips from an Orange County DUI defense lawyer

    Photo by Jack GouldFew people know as much about drunken driving as Mike Fremont. As a partner with the Newport Beach offices of Myles Berman's famous "Top Gun DUI" law firm, Fremont has successfully defended dozens of clients against drunken-drivin...

    by Nick Schou on June 14, 2001
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