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    No Escape

    With the president's restricted airspace penetrated by four small planes over the weekend--one of them, oddly enough, during his colonoscopy at Camp David--few have much faith in White House defenses against a terrorist attack. And if Washington, ...

    by JAMES RIDGEWAY on July 11, 2002
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    Good Deeds Punished

    Patient: Mr. Deeds Profile: A vacant lot of a movie based on Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.The Capra populist classic has been set upon by the Adam Sandler crew, who, as usual, shoot for the lowest common denominator sans the common denominator and come u...

    by Steve Lowery on July 11, 2002
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    A Clockwork Orange - Diary of a Mad County

    MONDAY, June 24 The July issue of The Blade lands on our desk--not that we subscribe to Orange County and Long Beach's gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender newsmagazine, and not that there's anything wrong with subscribing--and we're shocked, SHOCKED! t...

    by Matt Coker on July 11, 2002
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    Missing Wives, Lousy Lies & Mob Ties - Exhaustive grand-jury investigation confirms DA corruption

    Photo by Daniel C. TsangEight months ago, an offended Orange County District Attorney Anthony J. "Tony" Rackauckas strenuously denied the existence of a grand-jury investigation into corruption allegations at the DA's office. A couple of months late...

    by R. Scott Moxley on July 11, 2002
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    A Post-Sept. 11 Fourth

    We were wondering what was the most appropriate and symbolically meaningful way to commemorate this, the first Independence Day since Sept. 11. Being too lazy to do it ourselves--we haven't felt right since the doctor took away our meds--we posed th...

    on July 11, 2002
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    What Gives? - Bye, Tim Carpenter

    Dear Tim: I was dismayed to learn that you--Tim Carpenter, Orange County's answer to Gandhi--are leaving to spend what you call "Chapter Two" of your life in western Massachusetts. I'm sure The Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times will pra...

    on July 11, 2002
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    Well-Respected - Anthony Pignataro eats free

    Photo by Chris PanaiaNot that many years ago, no self-respecting newspaper reporter would pass up an invitation to a press conference featuring a couple of dozen gorgeous models, free food and free booze. But on June 25, the cream of OC's print and ...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on July 11, 2002
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    Counter-Counterstrike - The Regs obsession with a computer game

    On June 8, 14-year-old Eduardo Fernndez was gunned down as he stepped from a taxi near his Garden Grove home. Within hours, local police had four suspects under arrest; about the same time, The Orange County Register named an accomplice: the comput...

    on July 11, 2002
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    What If You Had a Pissing Match and Nobody Came? - Orange Coasts Ruth Ko is all in a tizzy!

    The world of Orange County lifestyle mags is a placid one, an untroubled place of shopping, fine dining and charity balls. There are no worries here, only caviar on new potatoes at the latest grand opening of the newest boutique. Ladies are shod in ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on July 11, 2002
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    Turn on the Crapper

    Illustration by Bob AulYou showed up at our party with a mutual friend. After a couple of drinks, several of us decided to take a swim in the community pool. I know you're at home in the water--you play water polo and swim competitively--but this wa...

    by ANONYMOUS on July 4, 2002
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    Diary of a Mad County

    TUESDAY, June 18 Jubilation breaks out at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim as the Mighty Ducks believe they have signed their first-round pick in the 2000 draft, left winger Alexei Smirnov. However, as so often happens to Anaheim's snakebit hockey fran...

    by Matt Coker on July 4, 2002
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    Do the Doo

    Patient: Scooby Doo Profile: Tepid live-action version of the tepid long-running cartoon that can't make up its mind whether it's spoof or tribute. The movie is successful in re-creating the sensation of watching a Scooby Doo cartoon in that it lea...

    by Steve Lowery on July 4, 2002
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    Emo Incorporated

    It looks too real to be a joke. But hear this now, emo kids: if www.emo-wear.com is real, it pretty much drags a broken bottle across the jugular of your scene. The LA-based website ("Your one-stop shop for all your clothing needs") offers T-shirts,...

    on July 4, 2002
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    Way of the Gun

    As July 4 approaches, people are hunkering down and waiting for the terrorists to strike, whether with nerve gas in the subways, fuel trucks plowing into synagogues, bombs carried in kayaks, or assaults by fighters swimming to their targets in scuba...

    by JAMES RIDGEWAY on July 4, 2002
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    Breasts, DJs, Breasts, Hot Chicks, House, Trance and Breasts - Club Rubber hits the road

    Since I don't really like cool people (that's right: if I like you, you're probably good and lame), Club Rubber has always been an exercise in self-loathing. Porn stars with vinyl boots up to their throats? Black Flys peeps? Trust-fund kids? Anybody...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on July 4, 2002
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    In the Sewage Pipeline - Anti-dumping bill picks up steam

    Illustration by Bob AulA bill by don't-call-me-an-environmentalist Assemblyman Ken Maddox (R-Garden Grove) is shaping up as Orange County's best chance to clean up the 240 million gallons of sewage it flushes into the local ocean every day. But to b...

    by DAVE WIELENGA on July 4, 2002
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    The Hate Crime That Wasnt - Register, Daily Pilot treat the Iron Cross as a crime unto itself

    In 1964's Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung observed that symbols "imply something vague, unknown or hidden from us." Reporters at The Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times and the Daily Pilot have apparently never read Jung. In the past few weeks,...

    on July 4, 2002
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    The Partially Informed Alarmist - NEW COLUMN!

    Through painstaking analysis based on media reports, conjecture and healthy paranoia, the Partially Informed Alarmist has determined Orange County will suffer a heinous July 4 attack involving al-Qaida terrorists, dirty bombs, Chinese dupes, UC Irvi...

    by MATT STANFIL on July 4, 2002
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    Party Favors - While victims cried, the DAs office aided super Republicans Eddie and Jo Ellen Allen in a multimillion-dollar scamfest

    Photo by Yoshitaka OkadaDespite citizen complaints and a federal bankruptcy judge's ruling last year that Edgar Dale "Eddie" Allen stole millions of dollars in a scam that relied on fake business, war and espionage credentials, the Orange County dis...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on July 4, 2002
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    Kooshian Coup? - Controversial AIDS doctor hopes to control countys public HIV programs

    Photo by Jack GouldDespite recently admitting under oath that he gave bogus injections to at least one AIDS patient, Dr. G. Steven Kooshian is seeking to take over Orange County's public AIDS programs. Kooshian--who is also under investigation by ...

    by R. Scott Moxley on July 4, 2002
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