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    Shake That Ass! - Theres a club for every taste

    Photo by Jack GouldNeed a place to burn off some sin (and find some mo'). Here's a quick rundown of clubbing choices based on what kind of experience you're into: Meat markets for Greek types. Students of sensitivity, charm and wit, as well as thos...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on September 26, 2002
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    Have Sex, Smoke Pot, Get Paid - Quick money for todays busy college student

    Photo by OCW StaffJob description: Having sex for medical research. Hours: I wish . . . sorry. Hours are flexible with participants arranging times to have sex in their homes or hotel rooms, just like Strom Thurmond. Experience necessary: Only se...

    by Steve Lowery on September 26, 2002
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    Lemony Fresh - Working hard to reduce stress

    Illustration by Bob AulI'm a college student! WOOOO!!! Check it out: on a typical party day, I'm up at 6 a.m., getting ready for school--makeup, a quick breakfast if I have the time--and then I rush to my car to sit an hour in traffic to reach my ...

    by JACQUELINE SIT on September 26, 2002
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    Why Go to College?

    Go to college because you don't know what to do next. Take classes that terrify you in philosophy, art and political science. Take classes that are named things you don't understand, like Radical Social Analysis and Media Aesthetics. Sign up for cla...

    by SUZANNE GREENBERG on September 26, 2002
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    You Left Paradise for This? - The Hawaii-Chapman connection

    Photo by Keith MayWhy people would leave Hawaii for Orange County seems to defy explanation, but at Chapman University--like many private Southern California colleges--it's the norm. Hawaiian students are one of the most visible student groups at th...

    on September 26, 2002
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    Reality Check

    Recall that elegant Hate-In, Proposition 187? In 1994, our very own right-wing Orange County nativists managed to qualify for the state ballot an initiative denying public education and health-care benefits to non-citizens. Everybody knew it was unc...

    by ANDREW TONKOVICH on September 26, 2002
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    Get Involved

    Photo by OCW staffYou're a typical Orange County college student: rich, overprivileged and full of liberal guilt. Good. Now that you've got that straight, here are a few suggestions on how to turn your useless feelings of social concern into what Ma...

    by Nick Schou on September 26, 2002
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    What Do Profs Want? - The starving student

    Photo by James BunoanWhat we college profs want, of course, are students whose minds are on fire. Students who can't get enough of anything. Who can't turn down the flame even when it means losing nights and nights of needed sleep. Who pick up the f...

    by CORNEL BONCA on September 26, 2002
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    Crank Yankers - Where to score porn

    Photo by Keith MayAll homework and no play can make Jack and Jill horny as hell, and while college is fertile ground for couples of all persuasions to hook-up, experiment and exchange precious bodily fluids, there comes a time when all good men and ...

    by TODD MATHEWS on September 26, 2002
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    Cram It In - Where to eat after an all-nighter

    Pulling an all-nighter before midterms can leave you famished. Unfortunately, many kids will squeeze into booths at Norms or Denny's, both of which saturate the county. Wow. Denny's. Hash browns at 3:30 a.m. Rawk & roll, dewd! Screw that shit. Nor...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on September 26, 2002
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    Just Regular Folks - Look, Ma! Were Calvinists!

    We were snooping through one of the many, many rooms in a marbled McMansion (which can be yours for the low, low price of $16.5 million! Call now!) in Laguna Beach's most fabulous gated community--and if there's one thing we in the county are perilo...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on September 26, 2002
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    Diary of a Mad County

    Photo by Jeanne RiceSUNDAY, Sept. 8 An on-air interview between Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Gary Copelandand KABC talk-radio host Brian Whitmangets heated when Copeland accuses Whitman of endorsing the abuse of immigrants. Whitman turns off ...

    by Matt Coker on September 26, 2002
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    How OC remembered Sept. 11

    Photo by OCW staffRichard Nixon Library, Sept. 7, 11:15 a.m. Several hundred people stand and sit by the Nixon Library parking lot in the blistering sun. Thirty-six U.S. flags in three sets of 12 are arrayed before them. Some are firefighters. S...

    by ANTHONY PIGNATARO on September 26, 2002
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    No Fun! - The Sex Pistols at Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, Sept. 14

    Photo by James BunoanBy the time we got back from the mall, the kids had started setting fires. And if there's anything else we could have wanted from a Sex Pistols show--they even played "Belsen Was a Gas" and the Stooges' "No Fun" back to back--we...

    by Chris Ziegler on September 26, 2002
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    Contact us via e-mail (letters@ocweekly.com), regular mail (Letters to the Editor,OC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627) or fax (714-708-8410). Letters will be edited for clarity and length. By submission of a letter, you agree that we can...

    on September 26, 2002
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    Diary of a Mad County

    SUNDAY, Sept. 1 It's the first day of September and--who woulda thunk it?--the Anaheim Angels are still in playoff contention. Surely the dreaded Angels curse should have kicked in by now. But it hasn't, and those plucky Angels just keep plugging aw...

    by Matt Coker on September 19, 2002
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    Mother F-ing Teresa - Just treat her right, and nobody gets hurt

    There's a common misconception going around like West Nile(stupid West Nile) that I'm an unholy bitch, up there with the likes of Courtney Love or Barbara Bush. Au to the contrary! I'm sweet and warm and tenderhearted. I cry at weddings and soup com...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on September 19, 2002
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    Our New Fashion Column!

    Photo by James BunoanLikee (right): This is the guy bad high school girls string along as a "friend" because he pays for stuff and always picks them up from jail. Then he figures out they're never gonna date him, calls 'em a fucking slut, and burn...

    on September 19, 2002
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    I Hear America Sinking

    Behind the memorial candles and commercial remembrances lies one of the most astute marketing campaigns in American political history. This week, as the nation marks the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Bush administration will twist v...

    by JAMES RIDGEWAY on September 19, 2002
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    A Pussy, Too

    Illustration by Bob AulI don't know your name, but I'll call you Chucky. You ride a skateboard. Your mom told you to "take that fucking noise somewhere else." Somewhere else is in front of my apartment. Now that I think of it, I wouldn't call it rid...

    by ANONYMOUS on September 19, 2002
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Larry Agran the Leech Larry Agran the Leech

In January 2008, Larry Agran—the leader of a three-council-member, Democratic alliance that controlled the city of Irvine for more than half a decade—desperately needed to enlist outside professional help to… More >>

The Surf This Time The Surf This Time

It's nearly the Fourth of July, and the row of Main Street houses leading to downtown Huntington Beach are flamboyantly patriotic. Several porches are obscured by a pastiche of American-flag… More >>

Cops vs. Bros Cops vs. Bros

Between 2009 and this year, bros continue to get arrested each July 4, with 2012 being the peak year, with more than 50 arrests made. Clearly, the bros have not… More >>

'Bros, Stay Away' 'Bros, Stay Away'

They were the kicks seen 'round the world: Rioters on Main Street in downtown Huntington Beach smashing news boxes into smithereens. No publication was sacred—but no paper's box suffered worse… More >>

True Watermen True Watermen

"Not a riot," surfer Greg Starr says from his post at the Rockin' Fig, when asked about last year's, um, events after the U.S. Open of Surfing. "It was more… More >>

How Michael Deeds and Chris Delance From Long Beach Became the Last American Victims of the Khmer Rouge How Michael Deeds and Chris Delance From Long Beach Became the Last American Victims of the Khmer Rouge

Between 1975 and 1979, 2 million Cambodians died during their nation's four-year experiment in stone-age communism. In 1994, I began documenting atrocities carried out by the Khmer Rouge, the peasant… More >>

Both Sides of the Kim Pham Murder Trial Rely Heavily on Technology&mdash;And That's Messing Up the Case Both Sides of the Kim Pham Murder Trial Rely Heavily on Technology—And That's Messing Up the Case

Ever since word emerged in the early morning of Jan. 18 that a brutal fight occurred outside the Crosby in downtown Santa Ana and left a Vietnamese-American woman brain dead,… More >>

MLG Anaheim: This eSporting Life MLG Anaheim: This eSporting Life

"In the lower left corner, we have the Queen of Blades, Acer Scarlett," announces a man from a stage looming above the hundreds gathered in the main hall of the… More >>

Santa Ana Resident Samuel Sixtos-Gomez Could Be Deported Because of OC Sheriff's Department Mistake Santa Ana Resident Samuel Sixtos-Gomez Could Be Deported Because of OC Sheriff's Department Mistake

Around 1 p.m. on April 14, a pair of Santa Ana police officers responding to complaints of gang activity in the city's Bishop Manor neighborhood encountered Samuel Sixtos-Gomez. According to… More >>