Arab Christian Perspectives Sues Dearborn, Thin-Skinned, Likes Robert Morey, Hates Muslims

I thought I recognized the name Arab Christian Perspectives when I read this Orange County Register story about how the group recently filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking access to proselytize outside an Arab festival in Dearborn, Michigan. In 2004, I did a story about Christians who tried to convince Muslims outside the Islamic Society of Orange County in Garden Grove to leave their faith and join Christ. Among the groups? The Arabic Christian Education Center in Anaheim, which hosted seminars under Arabic Christian Perspectives preaching the evils of Islam.

Shortly after doing the story, I received an angry call from someone with the group because I pointed out some of its members were former Muslims-turned-Christians. He claimed that such a revelation put his life in danger, because Muslims are required to kill those who leave the faith. Five years later, and I've yet to hear about any Muslim massacres of Christians in Orange County.

But the real reason why this group is loony is because of their repeated association with Robert Morey, the former Irvine pastor who memorably flamed out due to hubris and tried to build an empire on Islam-bashing. Arabic Christian Perspectives founder George Saieg has featured Morey at conferences to trash Muslims. As for Saieg's thoughts on Islam? It features "deceptive teachings"--yeah, because the book of Leviticus is SO truthful...

Oh, and Saieg ain't a fan of Catholics, either--he's an ordained Calvary Chapel pastor.


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