AP-Petside Poll: 45-Percent of All Pet Owners Carry Photographs of Their Pets

Meet Wembley. Tell me how cute she is.
Meet Wembley. Tell me how cute she is.

And now for something important: A new poll conducted by AP-Petside has found that 45-percent of all pet owners carry photos of their animals.

But maybe cat owners don't deserve the crazy cat lady rap here: 48-percent of dog owners have photos of their pets at all times, while only 37-percent of cat owners do the same.

The poll also found that women were more prone to carrying photographs of their pets, with 52-percent admitting to the practice. Only 36-percent of men, however, said they did the same.

And I guess we can't forget about the kids (meh) here: 90-percent of women and 80-percent of men keep pictures of their children with them.

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