Anyone Lose a Breast Implant at Fashion Island?

Having been familiar in a previous life with the Lost and Found Department at Disneyland, I know that the strangest things find their way into those boxes.

But the item found in the bushes outside Forever 21 at Fashion Island takes the cake.

Actually, "cakes" is a euphemism for the wrong body part. "Cans" would be more fitting. 

Emma G. Gallegos of LAist stumbled upon the following in the lost and found section of Orange County's craigslist on Thursday:

Anyone Lose a Breast Implant at Fashion Island?


"We cannot possibly imagine what sort of scenario would lead to someone tossing an implant in the bushes during a shopping trip," Gallegos writes. "Did someone have a bad experience test-driving the implant while trying on clothes?"

Worse, pray it's not evidence that revenge has been inflicted on a trophy wife who frequents that mall. 

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