Anyone Have My Appearance Blabbing about Omaima Nelson on Bio's Model Killers TiVoed?

Have you ever been at a dinner party and a pal mentions he saw someone on a television show who resembles you and as he describes the program you realize it was you and you'd totally forgotten being interviewed on camera and now have no idea when the show aired?

That happened to the smug-looking bastard at right.

Yes, months ago, Uncle Navel Gazing sat down in a conference room at the Hilton on Bristol Street in Costa Mesa for a two-man crew out of Los Angeles sent to Orange County by a Canadian production company. The result would be talking head footage for a Biography channel program called Model Killers.

I tried to find out when this was shown or when it might be shown again, but damn if I can made heads or snails of it on the program's website.

Which may lead you to believe I'm making all this up because I get jollies from pumping myself up to the world as an unpaid blabbermouth. But, no shit, I'm the thick-necked fellow shown in this clip. (Sorry, I can't embed it.)

Oh yeah, the episode focused on Omaima Aree Nelson, the former Egyptian model-turned-California prison inmate who killed, chopped up, cooked and ate parts of her husband Bill Nelson of Costa Mesa in 1991:

Omaima Aree Nelson, Who Killed, Chopped Up, Cooked and Ate Husband of 2 Months, Seeks Parole

Anyway, if anyone knows when or whether the program that produced my looming Emmy nomination for Best Basic Cable Punditry will be shown again, shoot me an email or leave a comment, and I'll update this post because I know you want more of that hypnotic neck.

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