Anti-Semitic KPFK "La Causa" Show Suspended, Best Buds La Voz de Aztlan and Others Whine

**Updated, with new info on the bottom...

Oh, happy day! KPFK-FM 90.7 management has suspended the anti-Semitic hatefest called "La Causa" for six weeks for the obvious reasons, a week after the Jewish Journal published a devastating exposé of the program. I didn't find out from a KPFK statement or the JJ, though; rather, the people to break this news was the Jew-bashing, gay-trashing La Voz de Aztlan. And if there was any doubt of a connection between this piece of Internet caca and "La Causa" host Agustin Cebada, that La Voz published this information before anyone else proves it because La Voz is to reputable news gathering what a piece of shit-smeared toilet paper is to a Picasso*.

"Zionists force KPFK radio to suspend 'La Causa,'" screams the La Voz headline, and isn't it so precious that sole writer Hector "His Last Name Has Jewish Roots" Carreon continues to blame the Jews for everything? He goes on a diatribe about how "Zionists" threatened to turn KPFK over to the FCC and the IRS. "The Zionists have great influence with the FCC now that Rahm Emanuel runs the White House and Timothy Geithner runs the IRS as Secretary of the Treasury," Carreon writes. "Both Emanuel and Geithner are Jews."

Tee-hee! Congrats to the Jewish Journal for making the most fevered conspiracies of Carreon and Cebada come true! And congrats to KPFK management for not tolerating hate of any kind, even if it comes from Chicano dinosaurs.

What's best about this episode is that the defenders of "La Causa," rather than take the high road and argue for the beauty of free speech, have proven themselves to be the Tan Klan that they are.

There was this cute threat ("Quit or our homeboys are going to pay you a visit to teach you some manners") left for me by someone using a proxy server to mask their IP. A commentator on The Eastsider LA fumed that I had "been totally discredited as being a mere self-loathing 'pendejo' subservient only to his Jewish bosses at the OCWEEKLY," which I'm sure will come as a surprise to my drunk Catholic mick boss, Michael Lacey. I received email from others whom, when I asked them to defend the connection between Cebada and La Voz de Aztlan, responded with evasions or by calling me a fag.

The funniest responses, though, belongs to Whittier lawyer Jaime Segall-Gutierrez, who fashions himself as "El Luchador del Pueblo." He sent me an email with many misspellings warning me to stay out of the furor over "La Causa," claiming it's part of a conspiracy within KPFK by "apologist tio tacos" to put down La Raza. When I asked him if he agreed with "La Causa" using La Voz as a news source, Segall-Gutierrez didn't answer and whined I "over-simplified a complex question." HAHAHA.

It gets better. On his MySpace page (where amongst the heroes listed is Cebada), Segall-Gutierrez called on his friends to picket KPFK and the Jewish Journal for not tolerating Cebada's pendejadas. "Now [Cebada] finds himself in the hot seat with the KPFK tio taco clique who want to see his show go, because they prefer the more [sic] palitable white washed satire of the Pocho Hour of Power and other shows of the kind," Segall-Gutierrez writes, adding that Cebada isn't "[sic] affraid to call the mayor on his [sic] counterdictions."

Segall-Gutierrez's friends quickly responded to his call for revolution. "FUCK PICKETING, IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT TELL THEM TO BACK TO FUCKIN' ISRAEL. THIS IS AMERICA AND WE CAN SAY WHAT THE FUCK WE WANT.
RAIDERS BITCHES!" one wrote.

"Yeah, player," Segall-Gutierrez responded.

"You tell em Mane!!!!!" Misty wrote. "I say use your picket sticks and show em a RAZA stick beating!!!! That'll shut em up!!! Power to the voice of truth and to hell to all those who try to silence it!!!! PEACE!!!"

"Go Misty," replied this California Bar-certified lawyer.

*Note: I stole this description of La Voz de Aztlan from an anonymous commentator 'cause it's the most accurate words I've ever heard regarding the website.

**UPDATE: Per Ralphie above, KPFK has issued a statement on the matter; the Jewish Journal also chimes in, raising the fascinating possibility that Cebada might be of Jewish heritage! And then there's the following that Carreon left on Segall-Gutierrez's blog:

Does anyone here know if Gustavo Arellano, a member of the KPFK tio taco clique, is a "closeted joto"? He is known to frequent gay bars in Orange County but he has not yet admitted to his homosexuality. Also, in hearing his voice on KPFK radio, it sure sounds like that of a "maricon." Arrelano has written some ugly screeds on Augustin Cebada and La Causa in the OCWEEKLY.

Segall-Gutierrez's response:

Interesting, I didn't know that. But until he comes out, I can only assume based on the overwhelming evidence.

TOO FUNNY. And California allows this man to be a lawyer?

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