Anti-Global Warming Event in OC Will Prevent You from Sleeping In

Oct. 24 marks the International Day of Climate Action. This is a big deal, at least according to the slickly wordless video below:

(Sidenote: Isn't the style of the video eerily similar to the one introducing the brand new and hilarious Something tells me this aesthetic just jumped the shark.)

In Orange County, the festivities for the Day of Climate Action will be taking place at Irvine Regional Park, put on by Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment.

Even if you're like Dana Rohrabacher and like to laugh at concepts like "science" by citing every instance of rain or snow as evidence that global warming is a hoax, you can still benefit by attending. How? Fitness!

The "highlight" of the event will apparently be getting everyone there to line up and form a "350" for an aerial photo. (Watch that whimsical video again to get a  vague notion of wha "350" signifies). But there'll also be walking, hiking, bicycling and yoga events. So it's like you're combatting the obesity epidemic and the global warming crisis at once.

The festivities start at 7:30 in the morning (!) and end at 2:30. At noon, OCICE is asking places of worship to ring their bells 350 times. Anyone still in bed by noon won't be for long.

Depending on which portions you partake in, the cost to attend is between $10 and $20. Details here.


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