Levada: Brownie's pal in the Vatican...
Levada: Brownie's pal in the Vatican...

Another Local Boy Done Pedo-Priest Apologist Good: Cardinal William Levada

As the world just barely begins to realize that the Catholic Church is infested from the bottom to the top with pedophile apologists, one name has come to the forefront besides Pope Benedict XVI: Cardinal William Levada.

He's the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine Faith, the fancy-ass title that essentially makes Levada Benedict's bulldog, just like the pontiff--in his days as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger--was for Pope John Paul II. And Levada hasn't disappointed--he was the author of a recent screed blasting the New York Times and the media for daring to report that the Catholic Church is riven with pedophile priests, their protectors, and their apologists.

Best part of this all? Levada is straight outta the LBC, baby!

Levada was born in Long Beach and attended St. Anthony High School, part of that gorgeous old parish that has hosted quite a few pederasts. Wherever Levada went, he defended pedophiles, but you don't have to believe me: check out

archival coverage of Levada

in our sister paper

SF Weekly

(where Levada served as archbishop of the Diocese of San Francisco for some time). Nice to know that so many of our good, prominent Catholic boys turn out to become pedophile apologists, eh,

Matt Cunningham


The even more local connection for Levada happened in 2007, when Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown invited Levada to bless some million-dollar thing at Mission San Juan Capistrano. In the rush to greet the pendejo, diocesan workers messed with Indian remains. Heckuva job, Brownie!


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