Notice the Iron Cross on Coe's T-shirt...
Notice the Iron Cross on Coe's T-shirt...

Another Know Nothing Turns Against Barbara Coe

The Beer Hall Putsch of America's modern-day Know Nothing movement keeps turning more hilarious by the day. Earlier this week, we reported on how California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe tried to put  murders at the hands of Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist. Now emerges a scathing July 9 email in which Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) head William Gheen calls Babs a "two-faced backstabber"--and that's one of the nicer things in the email--for defending American Patrol head Glenn Spencer.

The entirety of the letter after the jump. But first, a word on Gheen and ALIPAC, whom we rarely write about because they're based back east and have about as much inluence as a fruit fly does on a weight scale. Actually, read this Southern Poverty Law Center dispatch on Gheen for background. My only Gheen anecdote: when I asked him if the below email came from him, the ALIPendejo's response came via San Diego Minutemen head Jeff Schwilk, to whom Gheen forwarded a copy of my inquiry. Schwilk threatened legal action even though the email had nothing to do with him or his organization (quick aside on Schwilk: the two times we've traded emails, he's demanded his screeds be off the record. What are you scared of, Jeff? You sure don't mind defaming Asian women).

And now, the email:  


I'll copy your buddy Glenn Spencer on this e-mail for you.  You have refuted nothing.  What you have just done is to put yourself on the same permanent shit list with your swat team, Chuck Stonex advising, Shawna Forde accused child killer cuddling, buddy Glenn Spencer.

You will receive no more support from me or ALIPAC Barbara.  You will receive the same permanent vehement opposition from us now.

I was fine with the fact you did not want to join the advisory against Glenn.  No problem.  But buy coming out and attacking me and copying him on your attack you have crossed a line I will not forget.

I'm not too upset though Barbara.  I knew you were a two faced backstabber long before I recently got involved with you.

However the truth is clear to me.  By taking a stand on behalf of Glenn Spencer and his associations with the accused child killer we are going to have to throw you and CCIR on the same burning trash heap in this movement.

Gilchrist and Spencer completely screwed things for our cause by what they did in relation to Shawna Forde and you are right there supporting what they did now.

I will put CCIR down as the first and only group in the movement at this time to come to the defense of those in political bed with the accused child killer.

As for everyone else on this list.  If you folks want to keep working with Barb till she backstabbs you as well, more power to you but please exclude me from any more of your emails on these matters if she or her old drinking buddy Glenn Spencer are recipients.



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