Another Hint That Mexican Cartels Love California's Potpocalypse?

According to an intriguing item from the local sheriff's blotter in today's San Clemente Patch, an anonymous tipster phoned deputies to say that a 55-year-old man was busy loading bales of marijuana into the back of his car. The caller described the vehicle as a white Nissan and stated that there were two other men sitting in the car.

The call took place at about 1 a.m., but by the time deputies arrived at the 600 block of Avenida Pico, the car and its occupants were gone. No word yet on what model Nissan the men were driving, which might give some indication as to how many bales might have been transported, nor do we yet know how the informant knew the man loading them was 55 years old, or even how the caller was certain the bales contained marijuana.

However, given the late-night timing of the incident and the apparent recent increase of cross-border marijuana traffic involving yachts and sailboats hauling bales of marijuana from Mexico to places like Dana Point and Newport Beach, it seems possible that Johnny Law might have narrowly missed capturing cargo that had just been offloaded from one such smuggling venture.

Better luck next time, deputies!

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