Another Day, Another Cell Tower Rejected
Joshua Peters / LunchboxUnlimited

Another Day, Another Cell Tower Rejected

The proposed Woodbridge (Irvine) cell-tower mentioned in the opening to the cell-madness story in the latest Weekly has, unsurprisingly, been canned.

As our story noted, residents were skeptical when T-Mobile presented its plan in an informational meeting on April 29 at the Woodbridge Village Association. A day after the meeting, T-Mobile zoning and governmental affairs manager Joe Thompson told me he didn't think the cell tower in Springacre Park would ever be built, if for no other reason than the fact that the local H.O.A. rules would require 2/3s of residents to vote "yes" on the tower. Thompson didn't think that was an obtainable number: "When only 50% comes out for the Presidential election..."

The Register's now reporting that the Woodbridge Village Association has walked away from negotiations with T-Mobile. The story quotes one Association board member as saying the only legit reason for objecting to the tower is aesthetics, not health. Plenty of people who trotted out stats about cancer risks at the April 29 meeting likely wouldn't agree. The aesthetic argument, though, is pretty good: The tower was going to be a single fake pine in a park full of jacaranda trees.  Very un-Irvine.


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