And the Would-Be Nominees Are...

For the purposes of this post, let's just pretend that instead of the word "crap" in that li'l logo, you see the word "awesomeness." Because although I use the word crap generically here to mean "stuff," I really don't wanna offend the folks who sent me the recent haul.

Some background: This year, I finally made it into the Los Angeles Film Critics' Association (LAFCA), and the biggest perk of that is getting to vote for our own awards at the end of the year, then having a mini-ceremony in January that's kind of like the Oscars except that the winners are usually actually good films.

And since it's damn near impossible to see every award-worthy movie, especially since the studios never ever hold press screenings in OC for some reason, I get free DVDs in the mail.

So what would you guess the first DVDs to arrive were, dear reader? Perhaps that foreign movie about people who have trouble expressing their feelings? Or maybe that one where some famous actor talks with a foreign accent? All 25 Iraq war documentaries?

Not quite...

Actually, the first to come in was Johnny To's Hong Kong action movie EXILED.

After that, the two you see here...

Note on the inner sleeve of KNOCKED UP, all the awards it wishes to be eligible for. Somehow I don't think it'll get "Best Costume Design."

And Zodiac...the freakin' director's cut! That isn't even available to buy yet! That's very cool -- but since the theatrical cut is the one eligible for awards, an unusual move.

Keep 'em coming! How about HOSTEL PART II for, uhm..."Best Sound Design"?

Seriously, though, Leslie Mann was really good in KNOCKED UP.


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