Anarchy, Amnesia, Desperation, Tragedy, Cannibalism: 5 Promising Indie Fest USA Clips

Indie Fest USA, a presentation of domestic and international, short and feature films, comes to "historic" Main Street in Garden Grove Friday through Sunday.

Besides screenings in the Colony of Performing Arts, 12962 Main St., the fest promises parties, live music and plenty of grub and drink.

Here is a video overview:

Yeah, that also seemed to me to be about as helpful as a yearbook to a high school I didn't attend. Better to visit

Here are five films that peaked my interest from visiting the site:

The Last Anarchist

Written and directed by

Collin Jay Blair

, this short is about an eccentric anarchist and his unique way of grieving a family tragedy. Based on the trailer, star

Tyler Rice

seems like the kind of activist you might bump into at any recent demonstration against [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE BAILED OUT ORANGE COUNTY CORPORATION OR CITIZEN-MURDERING POLICE FORCE HERE].


Matthew Eason

wrote and directed and

Oliver Sykes

edited and starred as the titular character in this comedy short with the tag line, "Even an idiot can find love." Freddy Fowler is 30, 6-foot-1, 220 lbs., born and raised in Burbank and "sort of an expert on toilet tissue." Spoiler alert: I couldn't find a trailer, so this must be the whole film above. If you want to see it in person, hit stop after the first minute or so.

Persona Au Gratin

Rebecca Heck

directed and

Andy Cannistra

wrote this black comedy about a teen ashamed of his family's meal of choice: human flesh. Rowan Vittles tries to ween the parentals off the raw material for Soylent Green with a high-protein diet--only to be stymied by a sinister mortician. New York-based Red Monkeys Films believes its entry into the canon of American horror movies is right up there with

Silence of the Lambs


The Hills Have Eyes

and, of course,

Eating Raoul


Mother's Milk (Sua Me)

The film that helped writer and director

Andy DeJohn

complete his film degree also won the 2012 Fotokem First Film Gold Award. It's based on the story of a student from DeJohn's teaching days in Chicago. Due to tragic circumstances, a young girl is forced into the roles of farmer and mother on a Vietnamese countryside. Produced by Vietnamese Americans and shot in Vietnam in Vietnamese (with English subtitles), the film certainly looks beautiful.


"Shot in Flagstaff, starring actors from Flagstaff and written and directed by a guy from Flagstaff"--as in Arizona--

Stephen Root

's comedy is about a going no-where novelist in you-know-where getting conked on the head with his typewriter, suffering amnesia and having to deal with the good and the bad the comes when a book he did not even realize he wrote becomes a best-seller. It seems some folks in the close-knit mountain town are quite flattered and others are quite pissed-off by the fictionalized characters they inspired.

Red carpet arrivals to Indie Fest USA are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Friday at The Globe, 12926 Main St., Garden Grove. For more details--like when these suckers play--visit or call 714.251.6296.


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