Another famous Mickey impersonator...
Another famous Mickey impersonator...

Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle Gets Micky Mouse Impersonator Booted from City Council Meeting

Another famous Mickey impersonator...

The race for Anaheim City Council--both for the council positions opening up, and the mayoral seat that two-term mayor Curt Pringle is about to vacate before getting rich off of trying to bring high-speed rail to California--took a turn for the weird last week during a council meeting. 

Trying to address the council was Mickey Mouth, a guerrilla protester against...we're still not sure what he's against, except he doesn't like Disney, dresses up like Mickey Mouse, and doesn't like Pringle. Pringle, for his part, didn't like the Mouth, either.

In the video that you'll see after the jump, Mickey Mouth tried to address the council but couldn't even get a word in before Pringle said that city bylaws prohibit people in costumes from addressing the council during public comments. I thought Pringle liked less government, though? Eh--another conservative hypocrite.

The tape!


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