Anaheim Mail Thief Gets Sentenced in Federal Court

To give herself unearned resources to buy a stash of methamphetamine, Anaheim's Kimberly Dawn Keister stole mail earlier this year from at least 24 residences or businesses in places like Lake Forest and Mission Viejo.

In January, police stopped Keister's vehicle in Costa Mesa and found drugs as well as stolen mail containing checks worth more than $26,000.

Prosecutors charged the 27-year-old with federal mail theft counts and eventually won a guilty plea.

Late last month, U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney sentenced the drug addict to a term of 4 months and ordered her to undergo three years of supervised probation when she emerges from incarceration.

According to records, Keister remains in federal custody today at the Santa Ana Jail

In June, a local prosecutor won a separate felony drug possession conviction against her. She received a 180-day jail term for that crime.

Go HERE to read a report of her arrest.

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