Anaheim Hotel Developer: $100 Million-Plus Public Subsidies to Him Will Keep City from "Civil Unrest"

If you need any further proof of how deluded the lords of Anaheim are, look no further than Bill O'Connell. He's one of the developers who successfully lobbied the Anaheim City Council to pass a controversial measure that allows him and his partner to collect 80 percent of the city's bed tax for their proposed hotel for the next 15 years, a giveaway that could potentially get into the hundreds of millions of dollars. It's shit like that--focus on the monied few instead of the poor many--that has helped Anaheim turn into the civic joke it is today, and has led to the unrest that has gripped the city this summer.

But O'Connell doesn't think so. In fact, he thinks that public subsidy makes him a hero in Anaheim--and if he doesn't continue to get more subsidies, there just might be more "civil unrest."

That's the takeaway from an email O'Connell sent to Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and the rest of the city council on July 24, the meeting where Anaheim burned and councilwoman Gail Eastman rejoiced. O'Connell blasted Tait claiming, "our City is crumbling from a lack of leadership on your part" and using the lame rhetorical argument that since the majority of the council doesn't agree with Tait, that Tait is therefore completely wrong. Appeal to majority? Wasn't that an argument whose logic was disproved by Diogenes?

After blasting Tait, O'Connell decided to go Father Flanagan. "The City is on the brink of civil unrest," he wrote (you can read the whole email at the fabulous Save Anaheim blog). "Lack of jobs for the youth of our City is a significant factor. These kids feel isolated and disparity is more the norm rather than the exception. These public private partnerships will go a long way towards addressing the economic conditions so many of these kids and their families face on a daily basis."

See what he did there? Let's translate for those of you who didn't take philosophy at Orange Coast College: "Kids are ready to riot. Kids need jobs. I can create jobs. Therefore, giving me hundreds of millions of dollars is your moral obligation."

Disgusting, illogical--and pathetic. Congrats, Bill! You're now on my list of people I'll regularly check in on to eviscerate...

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