Anaheim Doctor Janet Lee Schreiber on 5-Year Probation, Admits to Wrongdoing

Anaheim Doctor Janet Lee Schreiber on 5-Year Probation, Admits to Wrongdoing

The five-year probation of an Anaheim-based doctor who admitted to wrongdoing takes effect today at 5 p.m.

Janet Lee Schreiber, M.D., who practices internal medicine, is now prohibited from supervising physician assistants and subject to various probation requirements.

Her probation stems from a four-pronged allegation: the first of sexual abuse, misconduct or relations, the second of sexual exploitation of a patient by a physician, the third of repeated negligent acts and finally for aiding and abetting unlicensed practice. To see court documents of the four causes of discipline or the disciplinary order, click here, then click on the "Public Record Documents" tab and download the file.

According to court documents, Schreiber denies the first two causes of discipline, which allege that in 1998 she began a sexual relationship with a patient, referred to in court documents with a female pronoun. Schreiber eventually hired the patient and the two moved in together in 1999, court documents say.

Schreiber admitted, however, to the other two causes of discipline, according to court documents, which say she "allowed an unsupervised medical assistant to administer injections to multiple patients."

According to her probation sentence, she has 60 days to enroll in--and pay for--a prescribing practices course, an ethics course and a professional boundaries program.

Also, she now has to provide a copy of disciplinary court documents to any hospital where she seeks privileges or membership, anywhere she seeks to practice medicine and to any insurance carrier that would provide her malpractice insurance. She also has to make herself available for interviews with the Medical Board of California.

Schreiber didn't return a call to comment on her probation.


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