Anacrime, Stabba Ana, Guadalahabra and Other Wonderful OC City Slurs

Anacrime, Stabba Ana, Guadalahabra and Other Wonderful OC City Slurs

I've been doing book signings across the region recently (shout-outs to the Buena Park Public Library, the Long Beach Car Show, Long Beach Rotary Club, and the Patrick Henry Democratic Club OC chapter!), and nothing is better than fielding questions from the audience. In Buena Park, we started talking about how quaint and wonderful the city is in comparison to others--for chrissakes, no one could think of a derogatory nickname for it! Someone mentioned an all-time classic--Guadalahabra, for La Habra--and I countered with my hometown quartet: Anacrime, Anaslime, Anagrime, and Wabaheim. One of the young librarians mentioned he grew up in Mission Viejo, now called Pendejo--HILARIOUS.

We've done short lists of the various derogatory nicknames people give O.C.'s cities over the years, and I thought I knew them all. But I've never heard Mission Pendejo before, nor Laguna Nighetto for Laguna Niguel (gracias, Spencer!). After the jump are the ones I know, but please, gentle readers: add new ones to the list.

Anaheim: Anagrime, Anaslime, Anacrime, Wabaheim
Irvine: Ill-vine, Scurvine
Tustin: Rustin
Huntington Beach: Surf Shitty
La Habra: Guadalahabra
Santa Ana: Stabba Ana
Costa Mesa: Costa Mexico, Costa Misery
Laguna Woods aka Leisure World: Seizure World
Garden Grove: Garbage Grove
Coto de Caza: Hell on Earth

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