Derick Alexander
Derick Alexander

America's Next Top Cheerleader Who Does More Than Lead Cheers

Ho, hum, another day, another Orange County-based reality show. At least Costa Mesa resident, actor and Chapman University film school graduate Derick Alexander hopes the pilot for Pro Cheer Danz he is shooting Friday night at Sutra Lounge in Triangle Square will become a full-blown TV show.

We've had competition shows that have sought America's next top models, singers and dancers. Pro Cheer Danz -- and please follow along closely as it gets somewhat complicated -- is looking for the next cheerleader to break out and become known for something other than being a cheerleader. Think Paula Abdul and Teri Hatcher. (Tracy Ann Donoho, not so much.)

Speaking of cheerleaders known for something other than being a cheerleader, Roxanne Alexander-Pringle, who was an Oakland Raiderette and still is Derick Alexander's sister, is teaming up with her brother to co-create and host Pro Cheer Danz. Seven amateur cheerleaders will compete in cheer and dance routines, hip hop dance with celebrity rap artists, an acting competition and swimsuit calendar modeling. But the pilot episode centers around a fashion show at Sutra. See, Smarty, cheerleaders can do lots of other things!

Alexander has roped in more than his sister to help make his reality show a reality. Contestants will be modeling designer fashions provided by stylists Eddie and Kirsten Prosser of Corona Del Mar's onQuestyle. His celebrity guest judges will wear custom made pieces by fledgling OC designer Oday Shakar. Gem stone jewelry is being provided by Left Turn Jewelry.

Alexander-Pringle's hosting partner, Amanda Latona, is a two-time Model America champion and 2008 Flex Bikini Model Search contestant. She appeared in June's issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine. Judge Bonnie-Jill Laflin, who is currently the first and only female NBA scout, working for the Lakers, is also an ESPN sports broadcaster who was once voted one of Maxim's Hottest 100 Women in the World. She formerly danced and cheered for the Golden State Warriors, Dallas Cowboys and San Franscisco 49ers.

"Our contestants are truly the stars of the show," says Derick Alexander, whose acting credits include E.R., DreamGirls, Cast Away, King of Queens and Grey's Anatomy (He also directed and co-wrote the recent film The Last Days of Toussaint L'Ouverture). "My sister Roxanne and I have worked hard to put together a diverse group of highly-spirited and talented individuals who are each uniquely gifted," he says. "It will be exciting to see it all come together as we explore each segment of the show."

As long as there's no Trump, Flav, New York, Bret Michaels or John & Kate, they've got a leg kick up on the competition.


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