Alleged Hate Crime Sparks Reg Reader Racist Fusterkluck!

On July 4, two young white male suspects, one described as a skinhead with a swastika tattoo, allegedly attacked a Latina custodian in Ladera Ranch. In a press conference held with Sheriff's Dept. officials, the victim, 45-year-old Maria Guadarrama, said the men stole her wallet, which contained $797 from a just-cashed check, tried to rip open her shirt, attempted to stab her with a Swiss army knife, and told her to "Go back to Mexico."

Although Guadarrama provided a detailed description of the two assailants--down to the white tank top and black shorts of the man with the swastika and the brown eyes, short hair, yellow and blue shirt and brown shorts of his companion--police have yet to locate either suspect. Jim Amormino, a sheriff's spokesman, said his agency's only lead was a "potential vehicle description" provided in telephone calls subsequent to the press conference, but that forensic workers were processing Guadarrama's rubber work gloves, her smashed cell phone and ripped blouse for fingerprints or DNA.

Meanwhile, Amormino said, deputies are canvassing the neighborhood with flyers, hoping to uncover anyone who might have spotted the two men. He said there had been several reports of vandalism against golf carts used by Guadarrama and other Latino custodians in the neighborhood, and thought there could be a connection between the crimes. "This is still an ongoing investigation," Amormino said. "A hate crime is an awful thing to happen anywhere, and hopefully this story will anger someone enough to turn them in."

That hasn't happened yet, but the incident certainly has angered readers of the Orange County Register. With 674 comments at latest count, "Woman Describes attack by 2 men yelling racial slurs" is now the Register's most commented story. Not surprisingly, the majority of readers aren't even commenting on the story, but ranting and raving against illegal immigration, Mexicans, the PBS Kids character Kai-Lan, and other assorted hot button issues. A significant majority of these readers also believe Guadarrama is lying--many of them pointing out that in a video of the press conference on the Register's website, Guadaramma keeps smiling and laughing as she tells her story.

Of course, Guadaramma might be smiling because she's nervous, never having been thrust in the spotlight before. Then again, her apparent nervousness could stem from dishonesty. It's hard to tell, but it isn't beyond the realm of possibility to suggest the woman might be making up her story either for attention or because she'd lost $797 somehow and figured hate crime victimhood might provide some sort of reimbursement. That's all a bit far-fetched, but then again, there's no limit to the crazy shit people do, and so far, there's not a single bit of evidence beyond the woman's word that the incident actually occured.

All that said, let's move on to the important business of highlighting the complete nutjobs who can always be counted on to make the comments section the most entertaining part of any Register story.

Here are a few fun highlights:

*"I just saw a kid at Starbucks in Ladera who was bald, wearing a white t-shirt and had a tattoo on his left arm (I think it said 'Mom'!) and wearing white tennis shoes! He was in line in front of me and ordered his frappacinno [sic] with whipped cream. (Get it? Whipped cream is white. Therefore he must like things that are white). He even choose [sic] the white straw instead of the green straw for his drink! Therefore he must be [sic] white supremacist!!!!"

*'I've been robbed by 2 messicans [sic], was that a "hate crime"?

[Writer's Note: I'm too lazy to keep inserting [sic] in these comments, so don't look for any...]

*man am I tired of alwas being wrong because I am white,anything I say, I am a racist,anything I do, I am a racist plus, I am expected to work twice as hard for everything

*Ok people, I do not believe one word of what this woman is saying. I think her motive may be talk shows...they pay $$$ for interviews and the media loves the white hate crime thing. Then to be certain it is called a hate crime, she describes a swastica tattoo on his arm. I'm sure a racist would make sure that sort of tattoo would be showing, which would be very easily identified. She is probably hoping people will send in donations to pay her rent *insert sob here* because she is such a victim. I find her whole demeanor to be unlike a "true" crime victim. I have never seen any crime victims that composed recounting fighting for her life, possibly being raped and escaped seriously being stabbed. The marks on her arms do not colaborate her story either. They were very superficial. No other injuries?? I'm not buying it...say what you want....

*I think she is a liar. Sadly I think as long as our government does nothing about the illegal invasion, we will see more things like this, if it even happened. Learn some english and come back please

But by far the funniest comment is this one, which makes the awkward yet oddly tolerant argument that skinheads are people, too:

*"There are skinheads in OC. A large population in downtown HB. I dont [sic] think they are as bad as they are made out to be. You don't hear about them often and they don't have as much hate against other races then othere [sic] races have against white people. I know a skinhead,( my daughter in laws [sic] brother) I date a mexican man and they end up at the same family functions sometimes and are civil to each others [sic] and I think my boyfriend is showing him that all people of a race are not the same. I know one thing for sure he would never hurt a woman, That would be a wimpy thing to do." 


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