All Sides Love Telling Illin' Cali to Pound Sand

Finally, an issue has come along that has united people of all political stripes all over the country: the U.S. Government's refusal to bail out California (at least for now). Most bloggers used today's Washington Post story as a jumping-off point to analyze the development. While they were all over the political map with their respective spins, the netizens who commented to their posts were near unanimously against bailing out the Golden State. A gratified Lux Luther even chimed in. Here is a sampling:

Daily Kos:

The problem with extending exception aid to California is, Californians don't want to pay their state taxes. So the rest of us will have to make up the difference? We'll have to pay California's state taxes as well as our own? A blanket state aid package is probably more politically feasible.  Bailing out one state above others because that state refuses -- although it is quite capable -- to pay its bills could be a very unpopular proposal. -- Bink

Californians don't want to pay their taxes because the money ends up going to the new guy instead of their kids.  Can't build a community with such a huge influx of people.  And please, doesn't matter what race or social class those people are, sheer numbers eventually crumbles your infrastructure and people's willingness to pay into the system. -- Parent

It's about the fed'l gov't stepping in when a state gov't fails its citizens and/or is affected by circumstances beyond its control. In California's case, it's both; so Californians should be footing the bill, at least eventually. In many/most other states, however, it's more a case of circumstances beyond their control. Retroactively these other states may address this, in terms of repaying debt to the government; but, generally speaking, government should be a bit more lenient with them than with California in that regard, IMHO. -- bobswern

There is a part of me that is glad that they turned down Arnold. Here is why, because if they bailed out Calif. there would be no incentive for the legislature to buckle down and fix things. It would be business as usual. They (the legislature) would just kick the can down the road until the next crisis comes along. The people of Calif. need to start taking responsibility for their government and stop looking for "The Last Action Hero" (be that Arnold or Obama) to save them. I'm betting that come next year's elections there will be fewer Republican obstructionists going back to Sacramento. -- Unbozo
Fox News:

Someday california need to recognize the fact that certain humans (esp. drug users and trailer park inhabitants) are just garbage, and no matter how much welfare checks you give them, they'll always be nothing more that a drain on society. So, better to use the budget crisis as a reason to cut off the welfare checks than for the us government to bailout california's wasteful spending. -- Michael Hsu

California has said no to bailouts for Sacramento (voted down all of the propositions). Sacramento has for to long overspent. Politicians just don't know how to cut out the entitlements and waste. If California gets bailed out, where does it stop, there are several states that are in the same boat as California. -- garythebuyer

Atlas Shrugged: You get people used to free stuff and then cut them off, they don't like it and vote you out.
Gregg: Actually I don't think that's the case. The folks that get the freebies can't make the effort to vote!
Atlas Shrugged: That's where the ACORN buses come in.

A state like ours, that spends 10.6 billion on illegal alien services, does not deserve a bailout. Prices here are already skyro.cketing and we cannont afford more taxes, that's for sure. I say, let us go completely under and force many to leave the state. California also needs to spli.t into two states, north and south. If they make sure the north is about 50 miles north of the bay area to the Oregon border......I'll move there. -- Mantooth San Berdoo

I left Orange Co CA in 2003 after 48yrs. I was a General Contractor. I closed up and said to He_ _ with it. I now live in NC.The best move I ever made. A 2,000sq ft house costs about $150.000. I started 2 new business. I'm making more $ than I ever made in CA. No traffic, No gun control, lots of churches, lots of Military Family's. WOW!! everything I was raised to respect. God, Country, Family, and Freedom! Its funny how the worst state economy's are all controlled by a majority democrat legislatures. LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Rosie

Let'em stew in their own juice. -- Bob

The Huffington Post:

I'm pleased that the feds didn't buy into the BS and are refusing to consider financial aid until California comes to grips with the mess they have and make some realistic attempts to fix it. -- 2Sleepy

California State Government has been behaving like a college kid with their first credit card for years. Out of control spending with no little or no thought on to how to pay the bills. And now the " Bank " (taxpayers) has finally cut them off. We have had it with their fiscal irresponsibility! Most of us have had to make painful financial decisions in the last year and so should the State. No more taxes- no more borrowing- live within your means just like we have to do!! -- skeck

Quite simply put both parties are to blame for this mess. Republicans for being overzealous tax cutters, and Democrats who are either unwilling or unable to control spending. -- Ben Dixon

I'm mystified at the national level how the Dems in both sides of Congress are refusing to do what they were elected into the majority for - to straighten out the Republican screw-ups. California is the state level example. The Dems need a leader who won't back down from the Rep bullies, no matter what they throw at him or her. We all thought Obama was it, but he's taken compromise to a new level, where the minority party still calls the shots & the majority just sits & fumes. Harry & Nancy are hardly leaders, when every time they say something the Reps don't like, they immediately back down. -- Katzencatz

The Atlantic:

Its nice to see the administration finally, finally, developing some backbone, learning how to say "no" and channeling Andrew Mellon. If Hoover had listend to Mellon, maybe things would have turned out better. -- Bababooey

I whole heartedly agree. California should not be bailed out. And I'm saying this as a Californian. The fact is California has more that enough money to do what it needs to, it's just being spent on the wrong things. If you want an example just go to craigslist and take a look at the rents in the Bay Area. If Cal. has the money to pay 5-10 times the rent, or morgage, as most other places it certainly has the money to provide the state services we need. The problem is that the money is going to the wrong people. For years the Cal. legislature has been in the pockets of a greedy real estate industry while doing nothing to keep the cost of living reasonable for its residents and letting things get way out of control. Arnold said recently that the Cal. budget was back at the 1999 level. So why do we have the budget crisis now? It's not the cost of avacados thats risen so much. -- barney

Should the Fed Bail out Calif? NO. However, the Fed should repay Calif for the net costs incurred to handle illegal alien residents. Over the last decade this cost has exceeded 50 BILLION dollars. Am I just another nativist zealot? No: read on. [A 17-point plan follows] -- Chuck CA resident

In 1975 New York City went belly up. President Ford refused to bail them out of their own mismanagement. That resulted in the very famous NY Daily News headline: Ford to New York - Drop Dead. NYC had to bite the bullet big time. NYC survived. -- ed


If bailing out GM and Chrysler was unpopular, bailing out California will be crazy hated by the rest of the country. California is not well-liked out here in flyover country (you know, where Presidential elections are decided and Congressional majorities change hands). Taking our tax money during the Great Recession and handing it to the crooks and kooks in California will be electoral suicide. Draping said tax money with strings and fishhooks won't make it any more palatable. -- R C Dean

If bailing out GM and Chrysler was unpopular, bailing out California will be crazy hated by the rest of the country. Which is why I'm all for it actually. The sooner we can get some people to wake up, the better. I keep hoping that the light shining off Choclate Jesus and his Angels of Redistribution will dim more and their halos break. -- Kyle Jordan

WP: But in that case, federal help would carry conditions to protect taxpayers and make similar requests for aid unattractive to other states, the official said. The official did not detail those conditions. The conditions probably involve ass-to-mouth sex. -- Coyote Blue

The conditions probably involve ass-to-mouth sex. This being governments both Fed AND Cali we're talking about, i'd imagine the conditions would make ass-to-mouth sex seem positively delightful. -- Xeones

These problems would all go away if the government would just let ordinary people print their own US currency. -- Two Foot Stools

WP: These policymakers continue to watch the situation closely and do not rule out helping the state if its condition significantly deteriorates. Wow... WOW. How bad would things have to get? How utterly unhinged and unbalanced would kalifornia government have to become. -- Paul

If bailing out GM and Chrysler was unpopular, bailing out California will be crazy hated by the rest of the country. Yep, and all the polls are consistently showing that around 80% of Americans are opposed to the illegal and unauthorized auto bailouts. The Obamessiah and his men can certainly read the polls, and they're finding out pretty quickly that they were elected on disgust with Bush and the Republicans, and not on the desire of Americans to have the government take over absolutely everything and go bankrupt as a result. -- Mike M

California is not well-liked out here in flyover country (you know, where Presidential elections are decided and Congressional majorities change hands). California is not even liked by Oregon. How many times have we all heard "If California was a country, it would have the 7th largest GNP in the world"? How many times have we heard the fuckhead granola staters talk about how "We could do without the US easier than the US coud do without us"? Bailout out these plastic people would be political suicide. Obama has no problem tossing his supporters by the wayside when it's politically expedient and California is about to find that out. Like the gays and the blacks trapped in D.C. schools, what are they gonna do? Vote republican? HaHaHaHaHa! -- J Sub D

And it's not like California is going to vote Republican either. Seats are so jerrymandered that the Democrats are safe even if some small portion of their voters can be convinced Obamessiah has foresaken them. -- creech

The irony of it all is that I didn't even need to blow Cali off the map to make my Arizona land investment profitable. After Superman foiled my plan, I still had my investments in place, rigged the political machine to make sure only commies got elected in Cali, and I have been selling acreage to her ex-pats ever since. Then came my greatest act of supervilliany. I went to law school, got my JD and license to practice, and I have been getting criminals off using my super genuis IQ. Superman, Mr Law and Order he is, couldn't do anything about it. He just sat and fumed, and finally one day his head literally exploded. -- Lex Luther

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