All Gaza, All the Time for One Muslim Student Union Watcher


As former Weekly reporter Derek Olson mentions in this piece, recent UC Irvine graduate Reut R. Cohen keeps tabs on the campus' controversial Muslim Student Union on her blog. But, understandably, it's been all Gaza, all the time in recent days.

Cohen (left) provides video "inside a Hamas meeting" and of Benjamin Netanyaho delivering a Gaza statement in English. She also provides links to the latest news reports out of Israel.

 It's the same story over at Little Green Footballs, which has also been critical of the MSU but is currently preoccupied by YouTube allowing the removal of videos embarrassing to Hamas, a "Palestinian shill" getting space to rant in the Washington Post and "wacko ex-congresswoman" Cynthia McKinney's failed mission to rescue Hamas.

Nada mas at Red County

Meanwhile, the Anteaters for Israel website is offline, and Orange County Hillel Foundation, which links to groups at UCI, Chapman and CSUF, has only general info, nothing about the current situation. And the MSU site is also Gaza-less [UPDATE: The following is wrong!], although it does mention a regularly scheduled "current events" talk on the UCI campus today at 1:30 p.m., so you can bet that topic will come up. [A sign on the door of the Cross-Cultural Center, where the talk was scheduled, informs the facility is closed through the new year. The event listing on the MSU site was obviously auto-generated--or part of some dastardly a secret plot!.] 


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