Alison Rosen, Former OC Weekling, Boasts 1 Million Downloads of Her Newish Podcast Show

Alison Rosen has made many best friends since leaving the OC Weekly newsroom many moons ago--a million, to be precise.

A day before her birthday, the writer-broadcaster-Adam Carolla newsgirl, can boast that there have been 1 million downloads of her Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend podcast, which only launched on Feb. 13.

Her newscast, with the Cronkitesque "Zip it, cunt" tagline, have always been one of the best parts of The Adam Carolla Show, which has been recognized as one of the country's, nay, universe's top downloaded podcasts.

Given Rosen's ease at the mic, which she developed on radio and television while living in New York post-Weekly, she was a natural to branch out on her own. Best Friend has not disappointed, as you can find out via iTunes downloads of her shows with guests like Portlandia/Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen and fellow funny podcasters Marc Maron and Doug Benson.

Hitting the 1 million download mark so soon into the show is boast-worthy, but just imagine the pressures of typing a million "Happy Birthdays" to her new BFFs on Facebook or pretending each new haircut makes the BFF's face look thinner.

"Having a million BFFs is difficult at first," Rosen concedes, "but then they start taking care of each other, like dogs."

Funny story, when I went to grab the iTunes link, my eyes deceived me into thinking her most recent guest was Jim Varney, which would have been quite a booking feat considering the "Hey, Vern"/Ernest Goes to ... guy is quite dead. Turns out it's comedian Janet Varney.

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