Alfredo Fernandez Gonzalez Gets Brief Jail Time for Sexually Touching Teen Nursing Students

Certified nursing assistant Alfredo Fernandez Gonzalez pleaded guilty Friday to three misdemeanor counts of lewd conduct and was sentenced to 120 days in jail for sexually touching three of his teen female students.

The Orange 46-year-old was also given three years probation, ordered to pay restitution and prohibited from having any contact with the victims, who were ages 17 and 18 when the crimes happened in spring 2011.

Gonzalez had trained Regional Occupational Program (ROP) students in a nursing course at Park West Care and Rehabilitation Center in Santa Ana. Between March 8 and May 10, 2011, Gonzalez hugged the students and kissed them on the neck, talked about dating them and how fine their bodies were, grabbed and patted their butts, put his hands around their hips and them toward him.

None of this was part of the normal ROP training, although he told the student he was simulating nursing procedures as he rubbed their butts.

Alfredo Fernandez Gonzalez, Nursing Trainer, Accused of Inappropriately Touching Teen Female Students

His act came to an end in May 2011, when the students told their mothers about their creepy teacher, the Santa Ana Police Department investigated, and Gonzalez was arrested.

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