Alex Rodriguez Hotel Quiz Time!

So your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim lost the American League Championship Series to the New York Yankees because of a shocking loss of their trademark sharp play (seriously, guys: that error in the bottom of the eighth?). Whatever--let's move on to meatier issues. a carne asada Sunday event, I met someone who works as a chauffeur. This driver has driven New York Yankees to their hotel when they visit and has the pictures to prove it--for the playoffs, they stayed at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, according to the chauffeur. All except two players, that is: A-Roid and another player I'll assume is another of their big names (Mark Teixera? Derek Jeter) but whom the person couldn't identify because they're not a baseball fan.

Awright, readers: in what hotel did the chauffeur say Alex Rodriguez stayed at in Orange County during the playoffs, away from his teammates? One hotel per guess, and the winner gets a baseball autographed by a random Weekling! Quick aside: the chauffeur said the Island Hotel lobby was PACKED with chicks trying to seduce any Yankee within their tanned grasp.

And now, the upcoming World Series!


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