Airport Shuttle Owner Reportedly Settles Cyclist's Lawsuit for $6 Million

A Santa Ana law firm representing a 32-year-old cyclist who was injured in a collision with a shuttle bus near John Wayne Airport announced "a large multi-national corporation" has agreed to pay its client $6 million to settle a lawsuit. Callahan & Blaine adds that the identities of the cyclist and the corporation are being kept confidential under the terms of the settlement agreement, and try as I might I could find no record of a bus vs. cyclist accident near the airport on the incident date given: Nov. 12, 2009.

That night, according to Callahan & Blaine: the shuttle bus driver pulled up to an airport exit and stopped. As the cyclist was passing in front of the shuttle, the bus pulled out, hit the bicyclist and rolled over him. His pelvis fractured in several places, and he was left with other internal injuries and neck and back pain.

Plaintiff's counsel claims the driver admitted he did not see the cyclist and failed to yield. But, as the matter headed for a March 26 trial date in an Orange County Superior Court civil courtroom, Callahan & Blaine acknowledged the defense would claim the cyclist was buzzing on pot and Xanax, and that he was wearing dark clothing without any reflective safety features on his bike near a busy airport at night.

A request for dismissal was filed today, according to Callahan & Blaine, which hails the settlement as the largest involving a cyclist in county history.


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