Ain't That America?

Bob Aul

You're the tow-truck guy who barked at one of the schoolkids who playfully whacked the corrugated-plastic towing-policy sign posted at the entrance to our condo complex as they made their way from the bus stop. It was within your rights to scold the kid (it was, after all, a $25 sign, as you exclaimed). I was the dad who smiled sympathetically and knocked the tension down. We both shared a small laugh. That should have been it, but as we passed by, you began babbling. All I could make out was: "That's what's wrong with America these days." What kind of talk radio do you listen to in your truck? I might remind you these are normal, good, spirited kids doing what kids do—unless, of course, you've forgotten your own childhood. To attribute the present breakdown in our country to actual 10-year-olds rather than the fully grown adults who behave like 10-year-olds and who are running our society into the ground to achieve their political and business objectives says more about your role in the grand pyramid of American dysfunction than any kid smacking a cheap-ass plastic sign on a pole.

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