Again with the Orange County Connection

'Member that op-ed piece I hacked out for the Los Angeles Times a couple of months back? No, not the MEChA-loving piece or my amnesty-loving piece, but the one where I deemed our fair county the Mexican-bashing capitol of America? Turns out that the Los Angeles Superior Court judge who told an illegal immigrant lady who sought a restraining order against her husband to get out of the courtroom in twenty seconds or get deported is from....Orange County! Substitute Judge Bruce R. Fink, a bankruptcy lawyer by trade, insists he isn't a Minuteman in training, though, telling Times reporter Sam Quiñones "We have a federal law that says this status is not allowed. You can't just ignore it. What I really wanted was not to give this woman any problems."

Obviously, this Mexican sees such a move as further proof of his thesis. But before nuts start with their what-part-of-illegal-don't-Mexicans-understand bit (it's this part), tell me readers: what makes Orange Countians such proud illegal haters as opposed to everyone else? Discuss, por favor


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