Woods: You used to be cool, man
Woods: You used to be cool, man
The Simpsons

Actor James Woods Ridicules OC Parents of Gender-Creative Child in Gruesome Manner

I've always been a fan of James Woods for his portrayal of slick losers, whether his turn in Oliver Stone's Salvador, a pimp in Casino, a confidence man in Diggstown (very underrated movie), or himself in The Simpsons. Too bad Woods lets his acting life get the best of his personal life, as he's made a second career of tweeting out random bullshit that makes Roseanne Barr seem as measured as Kierkegaard.

Now, Woods is treading into Donald Trump territory with a near-midnight tweet yesterday where he savages two parents who went to OC Pride in SanTana a couple of weekends ago with their gender-creative child:

Alt-losers, unsurprisingly, barked their approval at Woods' nastiness. We're not showing the photo here because, you know, IT'S A CHILD. But the photo Woods lifted from someone's account (more on that in a bit) depicts a beaming family, with a woman holding a sign stating "I (Heart) my Gender Creative Son" and a man holding a sign stating "My Son Wears Dresses & Makeup...Get Over It!!!" In the middle is the couple's son, holding a rainbow flag, wearing a rainbow hat, and wearing lipstick.

It wasn't just any family, though. The mom in question was Lori Duron, an OC resident who wrote a 2013 book called Raising my Rainbow about her son's journey toward becoming a gender-creative child. She had posted the photo Woods ridiculed on her Twitter account shortly after OC Pride:

Maybe Woods was feeling like a big man after successfully settling a libel lawsuit in his favor against an anonymous Twitter troll, so decided to troll people himself? Maybe Woods should concentrate on getting his career back on track instead of lambasting happy families? His last big role was in the great Showtime show Ray Donovan, where he played—surprise, surprise—an insufferable dick.

And now, James Woods' best role:

Those were the days...


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