George F. Will: Chuck Devore will win GOP race
George F. Will: Chuck Devore will win GOP race

ABC Sunday Talk Show Prediction: Chuck DeVore Wins GOP Senate Race

Today on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" program, prominent conservative columnist George F. Will predicted that Irvine's Chuck DeVore will win the California Republican Party nomination for U.S. Senate.

Will made the prediction during a panel discussion about the controversial "demon sheep" television attack ad Republican candidate Carly Fiorina launched recently against the third major Republican in the race: Tom Campbell. Fiorina is attempting to portray herself as the bonafide conservative in the contest. DeVore wasn't mentioned in the ad and hadn't even been named during the show's discussion until Will blurted out his prediction.

"[DeVore's] the conservative in the race," Will said.

DeVore, a state assemblyman for Orange County, has to be elated by the plug. WIll enjoys an established national audience that could open checkbooks for his candidacy.

On his Twitter account after the show, DeVore returned the favor to Will, calling him "America's foremost political writer."

It is funny that Fiorina or Campbell would try to position themselves as the "real" conservative in the GOP race to compete against Senator Barbara Boxer, a Democrat, during the November elections. Will, a Pulitizer Prize winner, was dead right. Neither of them hold DeVore's long-held, unwavering conservative credentials.

DeVore's campaign website has a clip of Will making his prediction HERE.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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