"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it: let me sell out my paper's soul!"
"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it: let me sell out my paper's soul!"

Aaron Kushner, Weenie OC Register Owner, Gets Mad at Reporter for Exposing Him as Unethical Weenie

Whenever people ask me how I feel about Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner, I always bring up Edward G. Robinson's immortal role as an insurance agent in the Billy Wilder classic, Double Indemnity. Yeah, he's spending all this money to fatten the paper and hire more reporters. Yeah, more journalism jobs is more better. Yeah, he's expanded his community rags to be...um, fatter community rags. But my little man tells me something is off with Kushner. And my little man is always right.

Kushner, of course, has already made headlines for believing newspapers should be Stuart Smalleys--but bona fide hacks? That's what the Voice of OC has exposed in a series of articles detailing how the Register promised "media coverage" to the city of Anaheim if Mouse Town allowed them to sell off the naming rights for the coming albatross that is the ARTIC high-speed train station. Kushner's reaction? He denied it, of course, then snapped at Voice reporter Adam Elmahrek for digging up a public document contradicting Kushner's lies, claiming the reporter was "breaching" its confidentiality.

Um, excuse us?

You can find the full exchange here, but the money quote is Kushner whining to Elmahrek, "I'm guessing it says strictly confidential and for internal use only. You're breaching that."

WOW. Imagine a Register reporter finding the Pentagon Papers and telling Kushner about it. "You're breaching that." Imagine a reporter finding documents showing that the Diocese of Orange protected pedophiles. "You're breaching that."

To our friends at the Reg who have to work under this weenie: we feel for you. The worst we've ever had to deal with our owners was not keeping up with the Manhattans one night in San Francisco...

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