Onward and downward...
Onward and downward...

Aaron Kushner Steps Down as OC Register Publisher in Favor of a...CASINO GUY?!

In a stunning admission of failure, Aaron Kushner has stepped down as publisher of the Orange County Register effective immediately. In a not-stunning admission of cluelessness, Kushner has stepped aside in favor of one of his investors, whose only experience as a newspaper guy is in working at a casino--which is to say, Richard Mirman has no newspaper experience whatsoever.

Okay, let out your mixed gambling metaphors here--Kushner doesn't know when to hold or fold them, rolled snake eyes; he's a flea, a chalk eater, a dumb double-downer--and let's get on with the post.

Why Kushner stepped down remains a mystery, as the man never admits defeat and never admits any fault. All he'd say to his own paper right now is "We have accomplished a great deal in our first two years owning the Orange County Register, and I am confident Rich will help lead the Register to the next level of growth and profitability." Hmm...

Mirman is apparently some sort of math whiz who helped Harrah's Casino back in the days, according to a report by Kushner's new stentorian stenographer*, Lily Leung (Hey, Lille: The last gal who had the job got axed this year. Just sayin'...). Mirman came to the Reg by becoming an investor this year, which already begs the question of his intellect and sanity.

At this point, one can only guess that Mirman came into Kushner's galaxy by way of his editor, Rob Curley, whose previous job was at the Las Vegas Sun. Google doesn't tell me anything right now but I'm sure my sources will...and then there's something called research that I hear can be fruitful. Anyhoo, details to come...

*Apologies for that mistake--too much Willet's last night...

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