A Weekend of Lines n' Numbers for Climate Action
Spencer Kornhaber / OC Weekly

A Weekend of Lines n' Numbers for Climate Action

The International Day of Climate Action came and went, and global warming has been solved. What? Oh, sorry. It's still a problem. But at least some people tried to do something about it.

This was true in Orange County. I stopped by the 350.org event in San Clemente on Saturday to see how they were possibly hoping to form a big human "350" on the pier. Turns out, they didn't. The guy who was going to loan San Clemente Green his remote-control helicopter camera for free got a better-paying gig at the last minute. Instead, everyone lined up on the beach (that's the pic I took above). I counted about 80 participants.

350 is the number of parts per million of CO2 that supposedly the Earth's atmosphere needs to return to in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. We're upwards of 390 right now.

Pics from other OC gatherings, drawn from 350.org's Flickr photo stream, below.

At Irvine Ranch in Orange, Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment staged an aerial photo with the help of carbon-neutral LA Blimp:

Seal Beach assembles:

Laguna Beach Peace Vigil throws some 350 into its weekly liberal potpourri:

Long Beach, Hughes Middle School students:

Long Beach, Aquarium of the Pacific employees:

What'd I miss? Leave a comment, hippies.


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