A-Rod Manages Steroid Crisis With Aid of Newport Beach PR Firm

Outside Eyes

, a Newport Beach-based crisis PR firm, is

among the agencies

that have been brought in to help 

Alex Rodriguez

deal with the firestorm of controversy that has been generated by the New York Yankees slugger's admission to using performance-enhancing steroids.

The firm knows crisis PR. Founder and CEO Reed Dickens was an assistant press secretary in the George W. Bush White House. Dickens' partner and senior strategist, Ben Porritt, was the press secretary for embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas). Outside Eyes maintains a "war room" for monitoring news and formulating a rapid response, according to the company website.

Of course, fending off Beltway journos is nothing compared to the New York media, which has been teeing off on "A-Roid" for 10 days and counting following his Feb. 9 interview with ESPN's Peter Gammons, in which he admitted using a banned substance while playing with the Texas Rangers from 2001-03. It only got worse after Tuesday's bizarre press conference that seemed to make matters worse instead of better. I mean, a cousin you won't name got you 'roids in the Dominican Republic that goes by a street name no one has heard of and shot 'em in your ass? Really, A-Rod? That sounds only slightly riskier than sleeping with Madonna.

Should Rodriguez feel all hope is lost -- and reading the Big Apple headlines he has every reason to -- the All-Star third baseman can take comfort in his crisis PR man's consultations with a higher power. No, not Bud Selig, but the Big Guy. Dickens' bio states that he is not only a regular contributor on CNN's Larry King Live, an adjunct professor at Chapman University, a partner of a private equity group and a frequent speaker at corporate events, but he produced a documentary on politics and faith, Article VI.

Pray, A-Rod, pray.


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