A Question Answered

Yesterday, our favorite horological artifact reported that the Los Angeles Police Protective League had withdrawn its endorsement of OC Assemblyman Tom Umberg's bid for an OC State Senate seat. This unexpected announcement lead horology's gift to the Weekly to ask the inevitable question: "Who knew LA cops gave a rat's ass about an OC State Senate race?" Well, according to this morning's Los Angeles Times, the answer is: no one, not even the Umberg campaign-- because the Los Angeles Police Protective League never actually endorsed Umberg in the first place.

According to the Times, "an Umberg spokesman called the league's statement "bizarre," saying the league had not directly endorsed the candidate. The endorsement had been made through a group called the Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement." No sign so far that SCALE is following the lead of its angry splinter faction.

As for Clockwork's other question about the LA cops-- "Would you mind removing us from your chokehold?"-- we have no answer, other than to suggest the wearing of steel-belted turtlenecks when visiting the Colossus of the North.


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