A Laptop for Every Kid in Fullerton--or Else!

Friends For Fullerton's Future--which "supports candidates and causes that promote intelligent, responsible and accountable government in Fullerton and Orange County"--have their bloomers in a bunch over what they perceive to be "extortion" perpetrated by the Fullerton School District.

The district is apparently telling parents to buy a $1,500 Apple laptop for each of their enrolled children or face having that student sent to a "lesser" school. As proof, Friends has posted the YouTube above that purportedly includes the voice of the district's finance chief making the buy-it-or-else claim.

Credit for "this little shakedown" is given to district Superintendent Cameron McCune, with the assistance of board member Hilda Sugarman. Both apparently dreamed of creating a "digital revolution" in Fullerton by giving computers to every child in town. The $1,500-a-pop plan someone morphed out of that when no funds in the budget could be found.

As the post and the comments to it explain, many parents have complained in silence for fear of having their kids shipped off to Dummy McDumb-Dumb Elementary School. Others have received some financial breaks--but still had Dick and Jane sent to Dummy McDumb-Dumb Elementary.

But, as one wag asked, why force $1,500 Apples when $450 Dells or even cheaper laptops will do? Best guess: someone at the district HQ has been saving their lunch money and buying Apple stock. 


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