A Grenade of War! In a Park! Near a Duck Pond! And a High School! And It Goes Bah-Boom!!!

With the violence in the world, a dry-ice bomb going off at the Happiest Place on Earth and an Infiniti splitting in two and killing all the teen occupants in Newport Beach, it's refreshing to hear there can be a happy ending to a grenade being found in a public park and near a high school.

The happy ending was the apparent lack of evil intent behind the grenade being where it was as well as its detonation on purpose and without incident.

An older gentleman was walking through Fairview Park in Costa Mesa just before 6 p.m. Tuesday when he found the grenade next to a walking trail. He contacted fire personnel at the Costa Mesa Fire station across the street from Estancia High School, which is adjacent to Fairview Park.

Firemen and Orange County Sheriff's Department Bomb Squad members found the World War II- or Vietnam War-era grenade near a newly constructed duck pond, according to a Costa Mesa Police statement.

But this was not the handy work of your garden variety duck hater, police believe.

Here's the working theory: the grenade had probably been buried there for years before the construction loosened the ground and a burrowing animal further dug up the explosive device.

The bomb squad detonated the grenade as a precautionary measure. All's well that ends kablooey!

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