A Gay Republican Elected Official Finally Comes Out to OC!

One of the great parlour games in Orange County politico circles is trying to figure out which local Republican bigwigs are closeted homosexuals, which ones have a beard, which ones are brave enough to make appearances at the LA/OC Jacks, and which ones were arrested in a Laguna Beach bar raid during the 1960s--or was it in Anaheim? Or was it a motel room?

But the fact is that despite OC being home to the Log Cabin Republicans, there have never been any out GOP officials outside of city councils and school boards--and even then, I don't think there are any right now. Or ever. But it's telling that conservative green carnation wearers are legion here, given that San Diego City Council member and mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio is coming (pun not intended) to Orange County next week to raise funds for his campaign.

Too bad that DeMaio ain't an OC guy, because he'd be the perfect GOP gay guy: a self-hating blowhard. He's infamously taken money from supporters of Proposition 8 even though he's in favor of gay marriage, which has enraged many in San Diego's large LGBT community and endeared him to Republicans, who always love tokens who say the nasty things they can't say (see: Gaddi Vasquez, Van Tran). DeMaio's big thing right now is blasting public-employee unions, which makes him doubly similar GOP honcho Scott Baugh...and we'll leave it at that!

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