A Gardener, His Heroism, and Orange County Register Readers

"Look at that black plume of smoke!" someone said, as your favorite group of ragtag rag writers knocked back some pints and Maker's at The Olde Ship in SanTana. We assumed it was some car crash on Interstate 5 but were surprised when it turned out to be a house fire in Floral Park, the SanTana neighborhood where everything is perfect. Turns out a family was nearly killed in the afternoon blaze, saved only by their longtime gardener, 32-year-old Vincent Virgen of Buena Park.

People are rightfully hailing Virgen as a hero--except the readers of the Orange County Register, of course, who can't let ONE story about Latinos pass by without railing against something. A sample: Whats more scary, running into a burning house, or riding in the trunk of a car with 2 of your amigos. Ill take the burning house.

We don't have an issue with Hispanics. It's the illegal who are an issue, unfortunately most illegal are Hispanic. This guy did a good deed. Get a room.

i see that u all are taking the regualar liberal OC approach to this. like I said before my comments were erased one mexican does a good deed and now he is a hero? how about all the illegals? what about them?

Perhaps, this guy can give the general population of Santa Ana a lesson in how to be a good citizen.

nice work, now deport him!!

And it goes on like this. We know, we know: writing about Register readers is about as difficult as blinking, but they never cease to disgust (just check out the name and logo of this commentator). Our only regret is that those boys and girls don't play with ustedes, o loyal Navel Gazing readers--I can only dream about the rhetorical putazos you folks would deliver in droves...


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